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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a high-res printable version of the Gringotts Break-in Daily Prophet from Philosopher's Stone. The ones that I've found on here have been low to medium resolution at best, so if anyone has a high-res version they're willing to share I'd be eternally grateful!

I'd also be interested in buying one if anyone's selling.

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UPDATE: After a long time searching the internet, I've put together a high-res version of this prophet and the one from Chamber of Secrets.

The bases actually came from decat who had great versions of the front and back pages. However, the logo and crossword puzzle were blurry so I replaced them with a logo made by sonicfreak04 and a crossword I made in Photoshop.

I haven't found any good files for the interior pages, but this is enough for now. It's the iconic front pages I really cared about!

Photos and PDFs are below and I recommend printing the PDFs on 11x17 paper. Thank you!

gringotts_break_in.jpg Back.jpg
Front.png back.png


  • HP2 Prophet.pdf
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  • HP1 Prophet.pdf
    12.1 MB · Views: 113
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Nice one. You couldn't find what you were looking for so you made one yourself *and* you shared it with the community. Great attitude (y)
Nice! I'm happy to see someone take what I made and improve on it- and more importantly, credit me and share for free! thank you!

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