Han in Carbonite (Halloween Build)


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Day 11

Thank you for the Rondo tip. If I need to apply that, I'll look into it. Right now, the glue layering is working well to provide texturing. Maybe those who've finished can tell me if the glue dries hard enough to paint over or if something needs to go over the glue. I have discovered a few tips for successful glue texturing

Tips for Glue Layering
1) Use TiteBond Wood Glue - This has a short work time and dries relatively quickly
2) Use shallow/thin coats - I started with a thin coat over all the wood mounting board. I applied in small areas and used a spatula to spread it around. This dried within a day and provided a good foundation for further coats. The rest I've done in small (6-8") areas and I always use a putty knife to feather the edges and give it an organic look. Here are a couple before and after spreading pictures. The left shows the pools just squeezed from the bottle and the right is the spread out areas.
3) Use a fan. I have a floor fan that blows on setting 1 (slow) and oscillates over the entire construction. The layers dry within 6-8 hours so I can do some glue in the morning and it's dry when I get home from work and can do some at night and it's dry by morning. I don't let each one completely dry so there will hopefully be some curing benefits.

So far, things are going well, and I hope to be done with my Carbonite in the next day or two. After that, I'll be sanding the seams and getting ready to use some automotive primer on the whole thing and cover the panel holes with cut sheets for support.

Thanks to everyone who's gone before and added their tips and tricks.



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Looking good John. If accuracy matters to you, the carbonite comes level to the "frame".
I notice you still have a lot of room there, I'd hate to see you go all the way, then realize it like many others in here.

Keep up the awesome build!


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I received my panels this week, so will be continuing my posts. In the meantime I constructed a life size TARDIS and a couple UFOs for my decorations.

Triton, I'm not worried too much about accuracy. I did add a bit more but it doesn't go flush to the edges.


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John - you're doing great...as someone who has been down this road take your time. BTW, the pic in post #11 is mine...built back in 2011/12...happy to assist in any tips I can pass along or answer questions.

My HIC wasn't flush intentionally and while not screen accurate I believe it makes it 'pop' more to the eye. It made it's public debut at Celebration VI.


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Thanks! I've finished my build last week for my party, but I need to make some fixes for final show. One thing I was having trouble with is mounting the hero panel light circle onto the panel in the right location. I tried a small metal bar and glue gun but that's not holding well.



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Happy New Year! Did you get to finish your HIC?

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Hey Harli .. we would like to see pictures of your final build! Also, if you didn't fix your hero panel problem, maybe we are gonna be able to give some advice! :thumbsup


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In case people aren't aware, bondo is just polyester resin (like for fibre glass) with talc powder mixed in, aka baby powder. So you can thin bondo with PE resin, or if you need it really thin you can just add baby powder to the resin until you have the viscosity you're looking for.

hope it helps