Toms custom Han Solo ANH blaster


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Hi folks,

I’ll take some better pictures once I put clear coat on this.

I found a 1980s Marushin M712 model gun at a local antique store! Now, the innards are pot metal and steel, the grips have a metal weighted insert and the body is plastic! Weird right?

Anyway, I ran a threaded coupling nut through the magazine because I didn’t trust any tap in the plastic body. Looking at the gun… it’s a weird shape, so I went looking for a scope… for cheap. This Bushnell was small enough and looked cool. It came with a pistol grip mount and I chopped that to make a Han Solo ANH style mount. I did this by hand with a drill press, rotary tool and metal files… not the cleanest job but I’m proud.


I cut the sight things off the scope and replaced them with some greeblies. Let’s play a game, what greeblies can you spot?!
Okay so first.. the flash hider is a replica from the community, I can’t remember who’s, and I drilled a single M4 st screw in the main groove underneath. This barrel had a step down which I didn’t like, so I added an aluminum tube sleeve to it, and ran the flash hider back to the joint

The mount I cobbled together to compliment the chunk of original scope rail included with the scope. I took some inspiration from the ROTJ mount, running M3 screws from the back

Finally I countersunk a bronze thrust bearing for an M6 countersunk screw for the main vertical screw. I was looking for thumbnuts locally and got nowhere, I really like this version tho. The side nuts are 1/4 20 camera thumb nuts, I could only grab American threaded coupling nuts to run through the magazine

This is finished off with krylon black, a little gloss can I found on clearance, and some matte clear enamel from rustoleum. Things like the flash hider were a couple rounds of weathering and black paint back and forth. Body is rustoleum grill paint, that dull black/gray… I wanted a more metallic color for the body.

DV6/Barbican mystery part
TC-67 cassette recorder button
Boot stud
V8 Piston set
Random thin washers stacked to resemble a pulley
Kodak Instamatic plastic bushing
Bushnell pistol grip scope mount
Michell Coke Knob replicas
1980s M712 Mauser model gun
Bushnell 1.5x scope
Bespin Flash Hider replica
Looks great buddy! You always amazed me

I think we need you to change your name To “Ladiesman”

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