Halo Reach Elite Bust Sculpt

Wowee fantastic!

Thanks man, I'm trying.

This is very exciting project!
I love the texture work for the surface.
I cant wait to see this beast painted.

You got a nice set up for Kinect :lol

Thanks man, this is taking me the longest as I have no clue what I'm doing. But, a project like this tends to force you to learn. The textures worry me the most, hopefully I can get them on point. Yeah, wish I had more time to play video games.

Everything you touch just seems to come out top-notch! Keep it up

Thanks man, I appreciate the comment. Means a lot to me and keep me motivated.

Amazing work. Love that you are peping the helmet.

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Thanks dude. Yeah, my friend Satchmo made the file for me. I want to do multiple hemets for this guy and pep helmets is kind of my thing, so I'll probably be incorporating some additional helmets via pep into this build. I like his ranger file and something about the vac formed visor for the ranger helmet is making me reconsider the current one.

Well thanks alot everyone for the great comments. I appreciate it.

Also, here are some more pics. I have all the wrinkles roughed in. Now I need to go through the whole thing and clean up, tweek, clean up, tweek, etc.... untill im happy with it.





Hopefully the wrinkles are believable.

Lol, I know it needs a bunch of clean up.

Thanks again!

Judge Spartan, penutbuttrbandt & Jaxonrodd1980, I truly appreciate the kind comments. Hopefully I'll get some molding pics up shortly. Again, thanks for viewing my rediculously long build...lol :)

That looks amazing and I'm incredibly jealous I would kill to have that in my house ( but im sure my girlfriend would kill me if i brought one home =)
Okay, looks like I've neglected this thread for far to long. BOOM!


Okay guys, I just want to update everyone on the molding Process. Looks like my mandibles turned our good. SO, check it out!!!








Yuck! My hands are filthy!!

I still have to demold the other two, but I’m hopeful they came out well too. With that said, All I have to do is touch up a spot where they meet with the Elite head and I will then mold that bad boy. Wish me luck guys!

your sculpt is crazy good, disguisting but awesome at the same time. It makes me remember sh!ting myself when playing this game! SO again, Super awesome. Just one question, what material did you use to sculpt this monster. Really wanted to try msculpting XD
This thing looks amazing. I wish i had these skills, i'd be doing some necromorph sculpts (I'm not a huge halo fan).
Okay, first let me say that I appreciate all of your kind words. Second, due to unforeseen circumstances the elite will not stay unmolded. Lol, I trick you. See images below.












Well, that’s all for now. I’m beat. It took me 4 straight days to mold this nightmare. But, we are one step closer. Need to nail down the teeth next.

Be good guys!
What material did you use for the support shell? It's not the plasti-paste. WOW what an amazing looking mold! SO MANY PIECES
Thank you Vshore, I appreciate the comment!

@Dericrw, its called Smooth on Free Form epoxy Dough. I needed a support shell that was light weight and strong. And this stuff is amazing for that reason and I’ll probably continue to use it for shell supports.

I really didn’t know how to do it as I’ve never used the stuff as a shell/jacket before. However, my friend Hyperbalistik has and he basically walked me through using it. With that said, here is a mini tut on using it. With Pics :)

Using “Smooth-On Free Form Epoxy Dough” as a shell/jacket support.

Mix equal parts of Part A & Part B


Place on plastic wrap (there’s tin foil on top of my stove so I don’t make a mess. I assure you that there is plastic wrap in this picture)


Then use a dowel or a roller to roll it out. (lightly dampening the roller or dowel with water helps the dough not stick to it)


Once flatten, use a damp knife to slice into squares.


Slap squares on silicone. Use damp fingers to shape…Dun!


I hope this helps! And thanks again for the nice comments :)

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