Halo Reach Elite Bust Sculpt


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Hello all, I've been working on this for about 3 weeks now.






Video update:

Halo Reach Elite - Part 1 - YouTube

With Helmet:






Well, what do you think guys!

Thanks man, I'm trying to do a decent sculpt. This is pretty much my first time sculpting. So a little nervous. I plan on molding this bad boy. BUt, it still has a long way to go. Thanks again for viewing my thread.

Class! Im looking forward to seeing this completed. Impressive for your first time!

How much does it weight!? Im guessing its 1:1 That would look nice up on the wall on a plaque:p Big game hunting:D
Tony, I'm glad you posted this here. There are many excellent sculptors here, and a lot of people that can give you advise, and tips on Jose. :)
You know this does look amazing, I just think the helmet is a bit too big, I dunno though for sure. But again AMAZING Blackula

~James 'S'
I just want to say thanks to everyone for there wonderful comments. I know there are a lot of talented people here on the RPF, so I feel a bit inadequate I must say showing this here, but hopefully I can make it look right. With that said, I appreciate the constructive critism by jlhR2 and have made some major adjustments.


The helmet was definitely to big. the problem was my sculpt in conjungtion with the scale of the helmet. I had a member of the 405th model the helmet (Satchmo III) and he did an amazing job. With that said, the problem with my sculpt is the width at the cheeks were perfect for an Elite with a length from nose to back of skull of 20". There was the problem. My length was aound 16.5" to 17" (i've changd it). I was referencing the action figure from head on, but sculpting at a different angle causing the shape to distort. If that makes sense. Anyways, I believe I have solved the problem with it and the length on my bust now for that area is 18" - 18.5" and the cheeks ere brought in about half an inch. So, I believe if I rescale the model by reducing it by 50mm depth wise, I'll be able to fit the helmet properly to the bust.

Also, I've finished up the mandibles, so it looks a ton better now. It has a better profile and I can't wait to add so more photos. I would upload now, but I left my cell phone in the car. Maybe later.

Thanks again for the wonderful comments & thanks for visiting my thread.

Thanks guys, for the great comments.

Well, enough of the pitty party fo me! Here is an update. I think it has a better profile now.


Made the skull come back further and sculpted the mandibles. Needs alot more work, but I think Im getting there and Im still on target.
Side profile (I think it looks much better longer like this)


Front view (Need some work)


Also, just realized from looking at the photo above, that I need to fix the eye placement(even them up).

I will be running up some new teeth. I think the previous test teeth were to long. I'll show pictures of the teeth later on and hopefully peeps can tell me if they look right. If so, I can go forward with teeth molds and order ups some Tooth Shade Acrylic for realistic teeth.

Anyways, thanks again guys for viewing.

NOt to sure yet. I will definitely make a wall mount trophy style bust, but I would like to make the full Elite. I just dont have a lot of experience with all this, so making the full suit may be a little to much for me. Well, I guess will see. Thanks gor the comment & viewing my thread!

Thanks for the nice comment Kromanc, I appreciate it. Also, you try sculpting, you may like it...lol.

Okay, it’s not much of an update, but I did find some time to mess with the face and tighten up the left side of the sculpt. I really need to get the sculpt finished. It is taking me longer than I thought. I’ll have off on Monday, so I’ll try to knock it out then.




This is more of a question to the seasoned sculptors out there. What is the best way to make skin folds? Or, is there a good tutorial out there for it?

Well, thanks for viewing my thread. Hopefully I can have some more progress next week. As always, I appreciate your comments and constructive Criticisms.


Well, no real update, I'm still trying to figure out skin folds and I got to redo the eyes. Hopefully some progress pics Monday night. Wish me luck! lol:)
OK, not a major update, but just an update to show that I am still working on it. I had to push back on the detailing (skin folds & stuff) I’m trying to fine tune the shape first. I need to pick up some more clay, but I won’t be able to get to the art store till next week. I have enough to finish the face up over the weekend (hopefully), but the rest of the neck will need to be finished next week. Well here you go.




I had to add more clay to the mandibles, because they were to thin, need to smooth and shape them better.


This is suppose to be the top/side view of the neck.


Then I played some REACH!!


One more thin, I've had somewhat of a major breakthrough with smoothing and skn detailing. The answer is was mineral spirits. i've bee using it to smoothout the model and it has helped tremendously. All in all, i'm using a bunch of methods to smooth, but I really like the mineral spirits idea.

Thanks for viewing my thread guys.

I know peeps are going to think I keep putting the same old and busted pics up, but these are definitely new…lol.
Well, I think I’ve dialed in the mandible shape (Still needs little tweeks), let me know what you think, I’ll be detailing the hell out of this during the current week, so hopefully next week I can start the molding process. Let me know guys. It’s definitely taking me longer than I originally expected, but I believe I am getting there.






Just noticed, I need to fix the chin on this...ugh!

Start of the final teeth, I will be choosing the best, sanding, and polishing them and then finally molding them.

Thanks guys for viewing my thread!
Thanks Shade, for the compliment. Much appreciated!

Also, slight update. Havent really been able to do much with the elite. But here is the new teeth test fit progress. I think they look better than the other teeth because they are smaller. Well let me know.








I did get this in the mail, thanks Nick Nack Patty Wack. The goal is to mold this when I mold the elite.



Thanks guys!
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