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Ok here's something a lot of people will be intrested in and I'm also going to need some help from the 3D people of the forum if they can help on this project the 3D Model has a lot of groups so breaking this down for Pepakura will not be a problem.
The help that is needed is removing a lot of the HD of the file, right now it's so high poly I would'nt want to mess with any part of it in pepakura at all I'm astonished that Movieman was able to unfold and build the helmet part of the suit.
Below I will share with you screenshots of the model and the wireframe. The 3D Model is also being shared if anyone wants to take a crack at it. Can't remember where I came across the model but if anyone knows the origin I would like to give credit where credit is due I found the model what seems like a couple years ago but can't pinpoint exactly how long ago I came across the model. You can clickon a photo to view larger. The file is being shared on Megaupload and is 2.56MB in size.
Guyver 3D OBJ Model

I would offer to help (love Guyver) but I really would have no idea what to do.
Im working on learning how to make my own 3ds and converting to pep.

Thanks BlackKaos, and no problem Auryn. This has been something I've been looking to get off the ground for a long time now. Right now it's just so HD I don't want to play with it and trust me I've done everything I can thnk of to reduce the amount of detail yet still keep a considerable amount of detail in the suit. After this BlackKaos if you're intrested in working with me on it I have a pretty accurate Robocop 3D Model we could maybe work on.
Sounds good Vagabond. I have the chest and abdomen area exported to pep right now. The model is so high poly that it freezes the pepakura program if you try and export the who thing. I think I'm going to have to export individual pieces and do it that way.
Yeah it's pretty high poly. You want to see something really intresting look inside the front of the chest. Too bad we don't know someone with a cheap enough CNC, course we could probably do a bit of modification and add rigging to it and make it into different poses for Shapeway, just a thought lol.
And if you guys think this is something I have a Robocop Model that's just as High Def as this is, course I've also got General Greivous, Big Sister from Bioshock 2, All the Fallout 3 Weapons, I think I have all the Warhammer Weapons (very High Poly models), and the Telsa and T-51 Fallout Suits.
Vagabond - I see the center chest piece that you are talking about, very cool but unfortunately the biggest reason why it has so many polys and can't open in pepakura. Right now I have taken out the area where there is in the thighs, waist/ribs, knees and other areas where there is like the muscle tissue looking sections. I'm keeping only the armor sections and the other sections need to be flexible and can be substituted by a black lycra undersuit. The center chest piece I removed and it will have to be a separate add in file. The main pepe file is only going to be composed of the main armor pieces. I still might have to make the legs, arms etc into separate file due tot he high poly
I've had a BioWeapons helm for several years now, and I've always wanted to do the rest of the costume. I wish you the best of luck and will be watching with keen interest.
Doubt it will be Tron-i-fied. Hopefully we can get this turned into pep files. I know my greatest file is my 10th Doctor Screwdriver which is good enough for Shapeways.
Looks good I know hopefully I'll release all the pep files for the T-51B Fallout Armor if all goes well, right now I just have the Torso/Pelvis area done.
This is the time that everyone has been waiting for. It took a lot of reworking but I got the files in exported into pepakura. I had to separated the suit in to sections and I removed the spaces that need to be flexible and are not need and kept the armor portions only. I was also able to rework the inside chest piece and keep it with the chest as a separate piece. I will email the files to Vagabond as soon as he sends me his email. The files still need to be scaled and unfolded by someone if possible. I also didn't do the helmet since there is already files out there for the helmet.
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