Good start on the weapons collection


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I made my third purchase in my favorite movie weapons quest. Only fantasy and sci-fi.

So far I've gotten a Sid Kit worldcon (unassembled), a tomenosuke pro, and now this: Togusa's?Gun Mateba M-M2007 8mmBB airsoft gun Ghost in the Shell: Sports & Outdoors

Probably shouldn't have, but I couldn't resist. It was on ebay for 130.00. I wanted the real wooden grips, but I'll live.

Next up is the Hellboy Samaritan and Big Baby and then onto probably a Solo Blaster (all metal if I can) and from there is anybody's guess. I'd like to pick up a colonial marines rifle at some point.

Glad to finally join up and post. I've been lurking for years. Love the community!
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