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I've been a member here for a long while, but rarely post stuff. Decided to share this build of mine with the bigger community.

I was always a bit iffy on a trap. And I never wanted to wear one, it's just too much, for me. I had a Spirit Trap that I upgraded with a few kits, and it was fun. So with a stressful work schedule this summer, I decided to double down on the best advice someone gave me: "everyone needs a hobby".

Well, if I was going to do this, why do it easy. I always loved the idea of doing the cartridge style trap. (the one that separates in the scene where they show Winston how the containment unit works). But fitting technology into that form factor was a bit 'fun'.

The trap has lights, sounds, smoke, and movement (the doors).

Credit where credit is due, here are all the people's stuff I used for this build:

Throwing Chicken
Ghostbusters Hero Ghost Trap Kit

Ghost Trap Deluxe Hardware Kit
Ghost Trap & Pedal Labels
Ghost Trap Hose
Ghost Trap Pedal Standard Hardware Kit
Ghost Trap Vector Plate
Ghost Trap Pedal Deluxe Hardware Kit
Ghost Trap 3D Pedal Parts

Electronic board for trap ghostbusters (amazing)

Some misc. stuff added in.

Trap 1.JPG

I don't have many of the build progress pictures. (just these two) I just got into it and worked on it in the evenings to unwind.

trap 2.JPG


I had to modify the cartridge part a bit, the connector is practical, but I used magnets to hold the cartridge in place. Which, I actually prefer to the lever release/ejector. (I did try it though).


The electronics kit is amazing. Lights, sound, smoke, and motors, in one little bow. The pedal is actually wirelessly connected to the trap, so the hose is just decorative.


I need to get a screen to install over the guts of the trap, but I wanted to run it for a bit and make sure everything can be locked into place. I used a 12v rechargeable battery from a harbor freight tool, which is chargeable but a barrel connector port on the front of the trap (I removed one of the buttons to do that). Also the silver knob on the front of the trap is also a selector for the electronics. So that is practical also, just an A B choice of remote control or a smoke, twitch effect with the doors.

I also know a couple things aren't screen accurate, especially the red light on the top of the trap. But I found these amazing lights this summer, and I really wanted to use them. (The LED is about the same size as the tungsten lamp- win win).


And lastly one more of the "work in progress" of the electronics. One thing that was very difficult was to try to set the door gears, while the bottom of the cartridge was open, AND while not connected to the main body of the trap, since the switch is practical. I ended up using a spare female VGA connector to plug into the back of the cartridge with a switch attached to it, so I could work. A regular trap would have been easier.
I would tell anyone, this was a fun, (expensive, but fun) build. And its something tactile, with all the senses engaged. I'd highly recommend it, if you were on the fence about building one.
Looks really good. I've got the Wal-Mart Ghost Trap, the one that opens with the foot pedal, and I bought the Charlesworth Pedal Kit for my trap. Got it all wired to the pedal and it works great. It's not as cool as yours, I just love how the trap separates, but the Charlesworth pedal does the trick.

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