The "Junker" Ghost Trap replica conversion

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After 2 years of this failed Walmart ghost trap conversion sitting on my shelf broken, poorly painted, and lacking electronics, I decided to try and fix it up.

First, I repainted all the parts the appropriate color (flat black, aluminum silver, and brass), and weathered them using acrylic black and various shades of brown. Next was the physical "repair".

The screw posts no longer held the trap together due to a botched mod, so I came up with a way to hold it together involving super glue and a soldering iron to "weld" it together. Tried to hide the welding as best I could, but it's not perfect. I also added some new, more accurate knobs to the panels, as well as a flashing LED circuit tied to the flat toggle switch.

I wanted something on the inside, either a vaporizer or lights. I opted for lights, which are two RGB remote puck lights glued inside, with Poly-Fil as a diffuser, and some mesh screening from a picture frame I found at Goodwill cut to shape. Since the doors no longer operate, I stuck small bits of Velcro on the inside to keep them shut, unless I want them open for photos or display effect. Made a quick hose out of cord, split loom, and two PVC connectors painted to look brass. Might make a pedal, or just have this be a pedal-less trap like the ones on the shelf by the Containment Unit.

The finished product isn't great, but it's better than leaving it to rot on a shelf looking like total crap. I already have plans to convert a Spirit trap to be pedal-operated, since I saved two Walmart circuit boards, and one of the door motor housings.

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