Interest Full Size, SLA 3D Print 1:1 Terminator T-800 endoskeleton


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Hello RPF,

if anyone has been following my thread on a 3D printing a T-800 endoskeleton, That I have worked on a 3D printing an articulated endo for a while., and now have a chance to print a full version in SLA resin at a cost of approx $2500. If I get enough people interested in a kit, I would like to do a small run on these.

This endo is articulated and posable, all the fingers and toes are articulated and snap together with all pins and bolts provided. The upper torso remains in a fixed position and held ridged by the fixed shoulder pistons.

There is still assembly required. Most of the model ready to assemble, but I will add that there is no support system for this guy. The Pelvis that supports the weight, is one-piece, and has no hole for mounting. If someone wants to mount the endo on a pole as I have, they will need to drill the holes themselves.

You can post here, or PM me if interested in a whole or partial endo. There may be people who want only a pelvis and legs, or just feet and hands. If that is the case, then I will add that to the list.

1E940D03-53B9-4D9B-8ACF-07A13D1DC34A.jpeg 9B5D2472-146A-419A-9479-4A9661B82636.jpeg DA844E49-FBDD-4D79-93CA-39B7D2AE6BF8.jpeg 199F.jpeg


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