Free resin casting lessons in return for shop help - SoCal


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Hello all,

If you live in SoCal (I'm in San Diego) and would like to learn the art of resin casting and mold making, I might be interested in talking to you. I need some shop help. I work a normal job, but I'm planning to do resin casting full time. I'll give you lessons in return for helping me. After the learning period (agreed upon by both of us), you can start charging me (or anyone else interested in your services) to make extra money.

What you'll be helping with:

Staging model parts for molding
Clay work
building boxes and other containers for molds
measuring and mixing rtv
pouring molds
using a vacuum pump and pot
cleaning equipment and tools
helping with master patterns - sanding, prepping, polishing, etc
measuring and mixing resin
using a pressure pot
customer service, fulfillment, and on line marketing
and more

After you learn the craft, you'll be an independent contractor. I'll have small paid jobs for you. You can also take other jobs since people are always looking for resin casters.

This is a fun craft, with lots of potential. If anyone is interested, please PM me.

Thank you in advance

My e-mail is robert burns jr101 (at) yahoo (dot) com
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