Forbidden Planet Flight Suit reused in 1960's The Time Machine

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by paulrw, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Well I’ll be damned !

    I'm just rewatching George Pal’s 1960 film The Time Machine for the 100th time when I recognised a familiar costume in the scene where Rod Taylor witnesses a nuclear war. Several futuristic wardens were wearing a grey flight suit with ribbed chest details and a distinctive relief design on the shoulders.

    Then I recognised it !

    It was the same flight suit that Leslie Neilson wore in Forbidden Planet in 1956.


    Both films were made by MGM.
    Mentor Huebner is credited by IMDB as being in Art Department for both classic films.

    Helen Rose is listed as the costume designer on Forbidden Planet but I can’t find any record of her working on The Time Machine......but they are definitely the same costume !!....

    Did anyone else notice this ?
    I can’t find any reference on the interwebs?

    Do I get a Geek medal or at least an Honorary mention on the Big Bang Theory ?
  2. Tremas

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    Nice find! :)

    You've got my vote! :D


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    There are actually a few other movies that use that too. i think theres even a twilight zone episode too that uses the same suit.
  4. micdavis

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    Look closely around the room where George uses the talking rings.

    What else do you see?
  5. robn1

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    Have you seen The Queen Of Outer Space?
  6. d_osborn

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    i saw that ep last week and noticed the FP suits. you beat me to it, haha!

    the episode is called "the little people" from season 3.
  7. paulrw

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    ...the C-57D navigation globe...

    Well, if you're going to pick a classy classic Sci-fi flick to reuse Props from Forbidden Planet is about as iconic as they come...
  8. micdavis

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    Unfortunately it is for this reason that Kubrick wanted to have all the stuff from 2001 destroyed. So it wouldn't turn up in "B" movies later.

    Take a look at some other "famous" props.
  9. BAK55

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    Did anyone else notice this ?

    I guess I took it for granted this would be common knowledge.
  10. Krel

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    The silver suit in the first photo was made for FP. Originally they were going to have all of the crew wear radiation armor to remove C-57-D's main core, so they designed and made a costume. The studio then decided that it would be too expensive to make that many suits of radiation armor, so they just wore the duty costumes for the scene.

    They also used a FP uniform in "Atlantis, the Lost Continent", but dyed brown.

  11. Lost in Trek

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    Many episodes of the Twilight Zone as well as numerous other movies re-used props and costumes from Forbidden Planet.
  12. terryr

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    I wonder if that big globe was also used in The Day The Earth Stood Still? That one showed up on Star Trek, in the 'double universe ships'.

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