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Over the years I have watched many many films, and by some kind of miracle can remember nearly every one. That was until quite a few years ago. Having a rather wonderful conversation about older horror movies, I was reminded about a couple of scenes from two in particular. The first was a lovely rendition of what I recall of a young women in a hospital bed with the blankets up to her neck. Only to be pull down to reveal the body of a pig. This pleasant image has remained with me for some time and only one other person who I have spoke to has remembered this scene. As far a I can recall it may of been a 1970's film maybe a Hammer Horror.

Next was what I think took place in a creepy house type thingy. The only thing that comes to mind was either a staircase which turned into a slide or just a slide, but with the added joy of having very large blades attached to it. This would insure major slap chop shenanigans for the unfortunate user. Now either I have a rather vivid imagination or these films do exist. Now I know this might be a long shot but you lot have come through for me before. So in old English dialect. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, your my Pope on a rope.
I don't recall either movie; just did a preliminary search, but no dice as of yet.

A couple of places for you to try:


Meantime, I'll keep looking for both of them and see if I turn up anything. :)
Those two scenes sound like horror tropes. The pretty woman not being what she seems to a man. And the unstoppable slide to your death.

There was something similar in the movie Dagon. Not a hospital or pig though.

And I think there are slide scenes in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. There was a Horror forum called HorrorDigital / HorrorDVDs. But it doesn't seem to exist anymore. If there is another site like that, I bet they would know the answer if someone here doesn't.

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