First Lightsaber prop...


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Quite a few years ago lightsaber how-tos started popping up, and i started REALLY getting into how people were designing these - i mean every aspect from just something as simple as a tube and some paint to the "stunt" sabers. I decided for my first project id try the "plumbing parts" approach to a lightsaber mostly because i had no access to a lathe - kinda hard to have one with an apartment and no garage :). I submit for your viewing my first attempt a lightsaber. it does actually light up and i used a "led candle" circuit to provide flickering to a square blue LED at i think 5000mcd -dont hold me to that this was in turn set up with soft touch on/off switch and a small vibrating motor salvaged from an old cell phone - the entire setup runs on three "AA" batteries. Im currently rowking on a second lightsaber what will be about 1/4 inch larger in diameter. Please keep in mind the majority of the work was done freehand and using sandaper/dremel to finish most of the cuts. If anyone has any insight input or questions please feel free to post here. I can also provide a schematic for the wiring of the internals :)
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