Firefox MIG-31 movie aircraft


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Printed 3 sets of leading wing edges and wing airbrakes 1/18th scale.
IMG_20190301_191401.jpg IMG_20190301_191525.jpg IMG_20190301_191545.jpg IMG_20190301_191611.jpg IMG_20190301_191638.jpg
The latter curled a bit as they are only about 2mm thick, flatten out easily enough with a blast from a heatgun though.

Working on my own 1/18th, realised I just need to do a bit a day. I keep waiting for a big block of time but have too much else on at the moment to do that.

The chine part of the wingtips I had printed in abs were too flexible at 1.5mm thick, guessing the originals may have been brass sheet.
Firefox wingtip.jpg

So going to get some machine grade 1.5mm aluminium sheet and cnc them, maybe overkill, but al least they won't get accidentally broken.


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Update yes, chines not yet, this is why.

Those leading edge pieces in the above post turned out to be underexposed, bugger. I worked it out trying to print small details on the 1/18th dash parts. These wouldn't resolve no matter how long I set the exposure time, the small high-res screen simply didn't have enough light power to cure the resin to the full extent.

So.... strip down the printer and dremel the steel body for the light box

Light box to project through the screen with 3 x 48 mini LED packs, lined with reflective aluminium tape. Made out of cardboard for a test, but proved to be ok so far, as in hasn't burnt the house down!
For the uneducated (LOL) screens work by opening pixels so the backlight can shine through.

Yes, blindin' mate. - colloquialism - see "Lock stock and two smoking barrels" for the non-british ;)

Turns out you need this much as the screens are not really an open window to the light, was surprised to find the exposure time is only a little bit less than the standard tablet type screen.

So, did exposure testing with the 1/18th dash as printing it flat was fast.

Couple of little dimples from a bit of stuff in the tank, this was the 3rd or 4th test I think. But the tiny details resolved which would not form from the screen light alone.

Firefox 1-18 cockpit dash.jpg
1/18th dash with scale

Firefox 1-48 cockpit dash.jpg
1/48th dashes with scale

Firefox 1-18 seat final.jpg
1/18th seat finished

Gant in seat.jpg
Gant in seat

Under engine shroud and jets.jpg
Under engine shrouds with small engine nozzles, broke 3 of 4, packed them too close together on the print bed.

Also had someone commission a full studio scale 1/12th beast, with detailed opening missile bays. Which has proved to be a challenge. Had to learn RC servos and tech. Was going to build a custom pcb, then discovered these.


Cheap car RC remote based on 2.4G tech, the stuff used in wireless keyboards and mice.

Still a work in progress, but strip out the stuff I need and get a box with 4 x AA battery compartment

Need to make holes for the ON/OFF switch and pot mount, and a suitable Firefox logo design


Mini servos to open the doors


Missile bays detailed, yet to be printed.

This is probably a bit confusing to look at for anyone but me.
Missile bay internals.jpg

Grey is FDM printed body part, yellow - resin printed missile bay, light blue - servo mount (will be merged with body print) Servo arm (white) turns and pushes door tab (orange).
The mechanical bit is all fingers crossed at the moment, but with brass tube hinges should work ok, and small neodymium magnets to keep the door shut.

Access to the battery compartment will be by removing the engine exhaust, can use 4 x AA batteries or rechargeable type.

Oh, and 1/12th body prints so far, actually not has big as I had in my head, had to break it up a bit differently as even with a 30cm x 30cm build size parts get near the limits.


Also building another custom FDM printer same as the one I have. Got a bargain two for one deal off the 'bay, sold one, so got what will be my second FDM printer for nearly free. Waiting on a few bits from China to finish it, also need to build a printer room to fit everything in!



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Which bit? lol

BTW not doing working landing gear, looked at that on large scale RC models and it's way more complicated, props to the Firefox effects team on that one.


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How about not working landing gear?

How are we going to display these big boys?

Didn't the life size mock up have landing gear?? :(


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Firefox3D have you completed one yet or have several on the go in various forms of completion and scale?

The cockpit dashboard in 1/18 look near perfect.



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Tazman, have to print a couple more parts for the 1/18th, then finally get it all together. I have printed other parts but maybe not posted everything here.

The cockpit dashboard should look near perfect I was overlaying the model on the high resolution pic of the full size set version ;)


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Ok, I asked was there anymore progress, when you commented on my current project. I had yet to check for any more updates here. WOW- that's looking fairly awesome right now!