Finished Loki Mask


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Hey Guys,

After sitting in a box for years I finally decided to dust off my Loki mask and finish it. I worked the best I could with the images I had, and while the paint isn't movie accurate I'm happy with it.






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Thanks for the compliments guys.

The stand is a custom build - a little plexiglass and some glue.


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Originally posted by begsby@Jan 29 2006, 12:06 AM
The stand is a custom build - a little plexiglass and some glue.
Cool. :)

What's holding the mask in place? Is there a little notch or ledge on the vertical support at the front of the stand, on which the mask is resting?


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There is a little notch on the vertical support and the top piece is cut in such a way that it keeps the mask from moving.


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Hi, sorry to bring up an old thread, but i am a HUGE Mask fan and i am currently beginning to paint up my Loki Mask and since your photographs are a few years old they are no longer up.

I was hoping you could link me to your pictures so i could maybe get some inspiration?



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I have one of the masks ICONS did back in the day - it was actually one of my first prop purchases ever.
The plaque says #5 but no one knows for sure how many were made.
I've been thinking of designing a new display case for it, with the intention of eventually displaying it on a pedestal - but fow now, my little display suits it nicely I think...