Fine Molds 1:144 Millennium Falcon (32" Paintjob)

So ... I found a bargain on ebay ... from Germany a Finemolds 1/144 Millennium Falcon with additional 3D shapeways cockpit and more parts ... not very cheap but still less than the one in the model-shop.

View attachment 1680167
Pictures from seller on ebay.

So thanks JV1138 for posting your thread and persuading me to buy another modelkit, which will find it's way on the rest of the stash of modelkits ... waiting to be completed. Then again this might be a good model to start my painting skills on, before I tackle my Hasbro Hero 28"Millennium Falcon.

Do you mind posting your build on this thread, or will you start your own thread? Can't wait to see your progress, because I'm already working on mine!
Weathering progress.

I'm still doing some research ... I found several other threads in which more elaborate upgrades were made ... very interesting to read :

Meanwhile you are making great progress! I on the otherhand still need to create a proper working space before I can begin ... this may be a while, hence reading and researching other FM 1/144 threads ;)

Wow ... that was a lightning fast build ... and I can tell you've got the hang of painting a Millennium Falcon ... well done!

Sure is

you nailed it

Interesting aside in that pic is it highlights how wrong the front mandible area shapes and proportions are

I love Fine Molds details. in some ways more than Bandai's as they feel more in scale with panel lines and other thins, but they sure took some liberties with shapes

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