Accurized 1/144 Fine Molds Millennium Falcon


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Hello all,

In between builds and collecting kits for another project, I thought that I would take on a small kit, the Fine Molds 1/144 Millennium Falcon. I nice little kit and very well detailed for it's scale.

Here are some images of the build so far.....






Hope you like it so far.
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Re: FM 1/144 Millennium Falcon

As always Excelptional work Scratchy. Detail that size is an absolute nightmare.


3 thumbs up.

Re: FM 1/144 Millennium Falcon

Very nice work. I put together an ERTL Falcon several years ago and scratch built the cockpit from movie photos, redid the guns and some other stuff. Cool to see what others have done.
Awesome! That's some serious scratching you're doing! Not an easy thing to pull off in that tiny scale. I love that new cockpit frame, crazy!

Re: FM 1/144 Millennium Falcon

Here are some pics of the current work. I closed in the window frames for the cockpit piece, this will make it a little easier to cast. I scratched up the gunner compartment and the window frame. I'll cast this compartment the same way as the cockpit interior.


After I finish closing in the window frame for the gunner section, I'll work on the boarding ramp next.
Hello all, another update.

I built the boarding ramp, I plan to have this build in an Echo Base dio, so having the Falcon "at rest" was the way to go for me.


I'll also do some interior work too, just the ramp area and that's it.
Thanks BrundelFly


I cut open the boarding ramp in the lower half of the Falcon and inserted the new piece in, she fits like a glove!
A huge inspiration as always Scratchy. :)
I may have to lay hands on one of these, I hadn't realised the price was so good.

What does the 144 scale make the final length? About 18cm?
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