Fight Club Tyler Durden T-shirts?

You'd have to go through thousands of vintage MX photos to recreate this shirt, but I am 99.9% certain that this is a found item.
ok, so we could try and make an EXACT replica of this shirt OR we could make one thats maybe 10% off but still looks awesome... As one member said, you could take random pics and make this shirt.. if you look at the close up of the front of Brad Pitt with this shirt on you can notice that whoever made the shirt he's wearing used the same pictures over and over again.. just placed them in different spots... Look at the top of it and the bottom (on the front) ... Same pic.. look at the top left on the front and the bottom left on the front ... same picture.... Here are a bunch of random pics i found online... all you would have to do is blur the race number out and then use the pic.. problem solved.. lol.. then randomly place these pictures on a light blue tshirt like he has in a collage format. what do you think? ;)











Okay, I just sent an email to a person who should have some information. If he doesn't, we're **** out of luck finding it.
By the way, those photos posted above are about four decades off... which is a long time in the history of MX.

What you've got is this:


What you want is this:

Id like to have one of those shirts too lol.. i like the white stars on black shirt that he wore.. that one shouldnt be hard to duplicate i wouldnt imagine. Anybody wanna give that one a try?
You know it's funny, in searching for information on the shirts i came across a huge demand for so many of his clothes that are unproduced. From the jackets to the shirts to the shades, i guess since he was named best movie fashion something or another a year or two ago, I'm surprised none released a Tyler Durden fashion line, they'd sell like crazy.
I can make these shirts no problem. I guess I don't want to make them up and then everyone get RPF accurate and I'm sunk with hundreds invested in these shirts.
I understand that. But i personally would be happy with just something in the ball park.. It doesnt HAVE to be 100% accurate as that would cost a lot of money to do and take way more time. Just something thats as close as possible. Can you possibly come up with a sketch draft of what the shirts would look like? Maybe make them to order? Let us know!! ;) Thanks!!
That's more than understandable Jack Knight, i guess Neuro Mason said, is there any way you could show us a sketch of some sort to test the levels of interest? I have a feeling most people would be really happy wit a close enough at a good price.

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