fight club

  1. darthwhitey

    Fight Club Soap Bars (x5)...

    5 bars of Fight Club soap. These are real soap! Price includes shipping in the USA thanks!
  2. erv

    Fight Club / Tyler's (real) Soap

    My wife is now making most of the household products we use (detergent, washing machine liquid, dishwashing, toilet cleaning etc) and I figured I would give a try to soap which we haven't made yet, a friend of us is making that as a hobby and we have a good stock. With the idea of "props that...
  3. D

    Fight Club Shirts - help please

    Howdy all, I am looking for replicas (or very close lookalikes) to these two Tyler Durden shirts and your help would be appreciated. One is the white shirt with brown circles and black splodges And the other...
  4. MattgomeryBurns

    Fight Club Soap Dish

    Hi guys, would anyone be able to point me in the direction of this soap dish? I've read through all the Fight Club soap threads, but haven't seen anything related to the metal dish used in the promo shots. I searched Amazon and eBay, and this is the closest thing I could find - but it's too...
  5. C

    Fight Club Cosplay

    Hey guys, A short post on one of the most iconic movie props of all time: For make up, Michel from On Scene FX in Ottawa did an amazing job on breaking my nose...
  6. Soulinertia

    Limited Run Tyler Durden's Fight Club Replicas and More

    Replica Vintage Sports Tank Top quality performance knit tank top made from a stretchy light weight 4.1 oz silky feeling poly-fiber fabric. Printed and constructed right here in the USA! Each one is individually hand sewn with the highest attention to detail in mind. This top features an all...
  7. AJRand

    Tyler Durden Fight Club Motocross Shirt in Production

    I am a huge fan of Fight Club (Points to the OP 523 in his picture) and I have searched forever for the Motocross shirt. I know many others have as well. With my search always turning to no avail, I finally decided to make my own. I purchased a bunch of stock photographs and went to my friend...
  8. kidryno

    Fight Club Prop Airline Ticket Value

    I'm thinning out my collection a bit and have a screen used Tyler Durden Fight Club airline ticket with COA for sale. I have no idea what price to ask as I haven't seen any comparable sales. Any idea of a reasonable price to put on this?
  9. C

    Fight Club Tyler Durden T-shirts?

    I am looking to track down a replica of the blue T-shirt with the motorbikes on that Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden wears in Fight Club. I have spent ages surfing but without luck. Can anybody point me in the right direction please? Much appreciated.