Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them... paper thread


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I have recreated the 1920 Hogwarts study notebooks.
I have included front w/stickers already on or blank with printable separate stickers

google drive is taking ages to load, stay tuned for link for High-Res files


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I just got both books, they got some really good prop inserts. I like the Ministry of Magic items the most.


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These close-ups might help in the identification:
10fe92204a434e75a8c4f03df024ae52.png ecc0599fb5b48b87dfde96a70e6f53c5.jpg
To me, it looks like most of it isn't actually a font, but rather an old typeface that was just digitised/clean-up (probably found in an old specimen book).

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LorduDesign Thanks for the close-ups. I hope that it isn't an old typeface, especially the one for the text "Panneau d'affichage officiel" 'cause it's also used on some documents prop created for this minstry.