Fallout Nuka Cola Bottle Caps


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They seem pretty much the same as the last couple batches. I can only really compare them to Sunset Sarsaparilla and the Nuka Cherry caps. All of my previous Nuka Cola caps were just the lettering printed onto the red cap.

Now, there is some texture to them. Doesn't really seem "grainy", but it's there. Pretty much part of the printing process I believe.

Also, keep in mind, I order hundreds at a time, and you most certainly can get dud ones or ones with flaws. I've had a good few in this batch with like a distortion line going through it, like when a printer is running low on ink. I always order a lot, and use the flawed ones first for weathering and stuff. Best ones to beat up.

I order extras because even then, they're so cheap.


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Yeeh! Finally got all the Caps for my game.



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Hey everybody! So, BottleMark finally has silver caps for printing! You can now get accurate FO4 caps like the ones shown ^ right above this post!!! ^

Here's some from the batch I just received.

I keep telling myself I need to save money.

Annnnnd I ordered 50 of them, I'll start next saving next week. Thanks for the heads up, they look great! I can't wait until mine get here.
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