Fallout 4 Fatman


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I figure it's about time I got over my anxiety and posted some pics of my work on here! LOL
Being as I've been here for yeeeeeeears and all...

So I was asked last year to make some props for a Fallout-themed pop-up bar that was opening in Edinburgh.
The owners had seen the laser pistols I built up, and liked what they saw - But wanted something with a bit more "Oomph!"

Fatman it is, then!

Being as this one's a wall-hanger, weight wasn't as big an issue as if it was intended for costuming at cons - So the spine of the beast is a piece of dense hardwood that used to be a bannister in my house.

Attached to that are various steel and aluminium pieces, riveted and welded together, as well as some 3D printed detail parts, and scrap odds and ends from my bits bin.



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It looks great, and the size is spot on. The copper tubes are a bit too shiny though.