fallout 4

  1. yourgeekfix

    Pip-boy 3000 Modification

    If you purchased the Pipboy 3000 Special Edition, you are aware only two lights work and there is no way to access the phone buttons while it is inside the Pipboy. This is my modification steps for adding a working button, more lighting, and making it rechargeable with a recharging stand. You...
  2. trymenager

    Fallout 4 Fusion flea Stroller

    As a father I’d be foolish to thing my kids are going to walk throughout NYCC so I’m building a stroller. Donor: Little Tykes pick up truck / Radioflyer Metal wagon [Table of Contents] * Styrofoam *Great Stuff Spray foam *2x4 *3M Bondo & Fiberglass resin (Cloth or strands) *Rust-Oleum Satin...
  3. mikelbrierly

    Fallout Mentats (plus commercial!)

    I made a case of Mentats a while back for a friend of mine's birthday, and I thought I'd share it here! The very first thing I started looking at was scale. I initially assumed that "Mentats" were basically like "Altoids", and therefore a similar size. But oh boy does this raider corpse say...
  4. Phaestoz

    Fallout AERX modular laser pistol/rifle

    I started this build when Fallout 4 was first announced and I've had a few restarts but its pretty far along now. The plan is to make the laser pistol modular just as it is in game to switch from a pistol to a rifle or an automatic at some point. So far I have finished the short barrel, standard...
  5. mikelbrierly

    Full size Fallout Caps Stash Build

    For some reason, the Fallout video game series has always lent itself to prop building to me. The midcentury design and post-apocalyptic sci-fi couldn't be more wonderfully bundled up into one single package. I decided to kick off my Fallout prop building with the Caps Stash from Fallout 4. I...
  6. Light Leather Armor

    Light Leather Armor

    My early-campaign Sole Survivor. The leather armor is the studded variety, which features carriage bolts and wingnuts of various size, with a hand-stitched fringe using waxed thread. Weathering was done using sandpaper and some engine grease from a '95 Nissan Pathfinder.
  7. Yellow Flight Helmet

    Yellow Flight Helmet

    My early-campaign Sole Survivor, in the flesh. The yellow flight helmet was constructed from an old motorcycle helmet with assorted bits of thrift-store junk bolted on; the rest is hand-worked leather and thrift clothing.
  8. TheAtomicSoul

    Interest Giddyup Buttercup -- Lifesize Fallout Prop

    Two feet tall! Fully poseable -- 19 points of articulation! I've made a couple of these for others already and since I am going to make another (for myself) I figured I should see if anyone else is interested. Final product will be made of resin using slush cast and solid pour methods depending...
  9. Scapey

    Fallout 4 Fatman

    I figure it's about time I got over my anxiety and posted some pics of my work on here! LOL Being as I've been here for yeeeeeeears and all... So I was asked last year to make some props for a Fallout-themed pop-up bar that was opening in Edinburgh. The owners had seen the laser pistols I...
  10. GoldPointProps

    Making A Fallout t-51b Power Armor Helmet Out Of Steel

    hey everyone! for my next project I am going to be making a t-51b power armor helmet from the fallout games! I am using the power armor edition helmet as reference. and I will be using 18 gauge mild steel for most of the metal work. I am starting with the back part of the helmet since it has...
  11. MymlanOhlin

    Prop maker introduction

    Hello all! I'm an amateur prop master in training, specializing in graphic recreations of printed props. My content is quite all over the place, with some of my more notable projects being Nuka Cola custom bottles from video game franchise Fallout, sculpted Skeleton Bottles (2nd place winner...