fallout 4

  1. Scapey

    Fallout 4 Fatman

    I figure it's about time I got over my anxiety and posted some pics of my work on here! LOL Being as I've been here for yeeeeeeears and all... So I was asked last year to make some props for a Fallout-themed pop-up bar that was opening in Edinburgh. The owners had seen the laser pistols I...
  2. GoldPointProps

    Making A Fallout t-51b Power Armor Helmet Out Of Steel

    hey everyone! for my next project I am going to be making a t-51b power armor helmet from the fallout games! I am using the power armor edition helmet as reference. and I will be using 18 gauge mild steel for most of the metal work. I am starting with the back part of the helmet since it has...
  3. MymlanOhlin

    Prop maker introduction

    Hello all! I'm an amateur prop master in training, specializing in graphic recreations of printed props. My content is quite all over the place, with some of my more notable projects being Nuka Cola custom bottles from video game franchise Fallout, sculpted Skeleton Bottles (2nd place winner...
  4. EmmaInCandyland

    Fallout 4 Vault suit

    Hey guys, got this amazing suit for sale £110, never worn, I had two to make one clean and one dirty suit, but sadly need quick cash :x Dimensions flat: Waist: 43 cm armpit to armpit: 46 cm Shoulder to shoulder 44 - 45 cm Would fit someone who's between 165 cm and 175 cm tall Paypal only...