Evolution of My Predator


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what's up lair folk

i've been away for a bit ...i've been at this for so long and this year was crazy with so much going on personally and professionally i needed to recharge my pred batteries...
ok enough with the blah blah. i'll post something in the near future about the "why"...i think everyone will enjoy the read.

i was going through all my images and came across these three.. most people have seen them separate, but not all together.


just thought it was trippy...


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the tat is done I just never got around to taking a finished pic of it.

forgot the name of the guy who did the painting, he was on deviant art... it was done on top of one of Jason's drawings of me in the suit...

the tattoo was done by jay at starlight tattoo in Bellville, NJ


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It was Steve Goad who colored my lines:



When I saw Andrew in that pose, it was an instant money shot where I knew I had to draw it. Then Steve took it to a whole nutha level!


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i also love the name steve came up with for the painting..Natural Born Killers

as far as the full sleeve...hmmmm let me see....**** NO!!!!...lol 8 hours in that chair was more than enough,
even the veteran inkers at the shop were like ....your gonna get that as your first?....good luck bud



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Andrew, all 3 representations of your Incredible Predator are simply that. Incredible. Meeting Arnold, having gained the recognition of most of the top industry experts, Men & Women who worked on the actual costumes, not to mention suit actors themselves coming to the site & recognizing it from the world over I'd say the evolution here wasn't just your suit.

The whole site & all the members saw evolution here. Real growth.

But man that illustration collab between Jason & Steve is just.. phew. Unreal. All 3 representations are just... Amazing.


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every single day, i'm so proud of this place....

Many things have changed over the years but the one thing that stands out above all to me is the passion WE all share for this great creation stan and his crew gave to us. The Lair isn't about Money, Props or Costumes it's something much more.

I can't do this forever but i'm so glad that many people will carry the torch of The Hunters Lair for years to come.

like i said in the introduction thread...enjoy the process, it's a wild trip.


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You sound like some old Jedi about to wander off to a life of solitude.

You SHOULD allow yourself alittle pat on the back once in a while my friend, we all know the Lair would not be here if you had not started this asylum.


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^^^^^ yea what lee said,....

it is awesome that you're so humble though,.....
shows that you're never really happy and thats a TRUE artist,....

never ending student,.....aren't we all ???



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It's been a wild ride.

Just please shoot me or ban me when I start talking about myself in the 3rd person. That is way to ego trippy for me. :(


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Ok maybe a ban is to much, how about a ball tap?.... Or a super atomic wedgie. Yes kithunters awesome fantastic unwritten rule. I like it cause I did it all by myself :(

Some chopbusting and ego checking is called for....
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