Escape from New York Tracker, Locator & Mac 10 builds


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I managed to pick up a refurbed watch; was well under 1/2 that, thankfully (else, I'd never been able to justify that bad boy).


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Well, it's been a loooooong time but I finall managed to finish the MAC 10.


Scope rail is 3d printed. Silencer is a heavily modified from the one that comes with the airsoft. There are a lot of inaccuracies if you start to nit-pick. Spacer between silencer and MAC should be thicker, scope position and rail are not 100% and a bunch of other small things. Normally, these things might drive me nuts but since this is a 'found parts' build and I didn't want to work on it forever I figured it's 'close enough' because overall it looks the part. If there was an all-metal MAC 10 available I might've kept going but there is, as far as I have found, only this plastic one on the market- the others are MAC 11s.

A couple months ago, I also finally found a good stock of copper and brass bar, so maybe I'll get back to the eagle bracelet soon as well. We'll see!

Vincent Serpico

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Great job on the MAC 10, I had read your thread regarding the Snake Plissken Tracer Bracelet and copied some of the pictures for reference. Did you ever end up making one? I by far am no master prop maker, but did create my own. I'll leave this link to the youtube tutorial I made about creating it if anyone is interested. Once again great job!

Escape From New York : DIY Snake Plissken Tracer Bracelet Tutorial (How to create this Movie Prop)

Here is my website if anyone is interested in just seeing some pictures of the finished Tracer Bracelet.



Vincent Serpico

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