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So, Luke gets his hand cut off, he jumps down and gets sucked into the drain thing... Once he falls out and catches himself, he looks down with big eyes and sees something that falls down into the clouds...

Is that his hand? I never seen his hand slide down with him, i never thought it was his hand, but i have no clue at all what it is. Any explanation to this?
Yeah...that was his hand, man.
Then we will see the true reason his Daddy cut off his hand. Son, was flipping Daddy V off while holding his saber.

No one gives Daddy the bird.

I wondered about it when the film came out. Just figured that his hand and saber had gotten sucked into the same vent as Luke. It took the weight of a person to open the vent and drop Luke out.

Will be interested to see the blu-ray answer.

I always thought it was part of the antenna he lands on- that it broke off and fell away.

His severed hand is nowhere to be seen when he comes to a stop halfway through his vent ride.

I agree with the broken antenna idea. It looks like debris, not his hand. Not only is his hand nowhere to be seen before the dump door opens, there were several other ports to get sucked into. Assuming they were all functional, it is just as likely his hand did not even get sucked into the same port to begin with.

btw, SSgt Burton: your sig is one of my all time favorite short films.
It was just random debris to show you the drop. His hand, which according to the Zahn Trilogy was recovered, didn't fall because it would be impossible to recover from a gas planet.
I highly doubt that's his hand. I mean if it were, the only thing I could see is it landing on a tie fighter while they're flying around

"Control, we have nothing to repDUDE WHAT THE **** IS THAT!!! Is that a hand?!?! Where the **** did that come from?? That's ****ing gross!!!! What is it holding?!?! Is that a ****ing d*ldo??? Man you cloud city bastards are ****ed in the head!!!"
I always figured it was a random piece of junk, or part of the antenna.

The scene is a homage to the old cartoons: Wile E. Coyote stops short right at the edge of a cliff, and we get a view looking down and see a pebble falling. Visual clue- it's a long way down!
I always thought it was his career hahaha. But really I think it's a broken off piece of the antenna.

Silly! It was Luke's sexuality. The entire movie is a metaphor for accepting ones own homoerotic compulsions. At least that is what I got from it....:confused
"Don't stick your saber out too far,
it might go home in another (cloud) car."

I always thought it was some trash being dumped; I just could never figure out what it would have been. Let's go to the videotape!
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