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Hey all, I'm excited to finally start offering these! They'll be available as two options, a finished replica and as a kit.

The finished replica is, well, exactly that. A fully finished prop replica ready for display.

Shield Generator 1.jpg
Shield Generator 2.jpg

Shield Generator 3.jpg

The kit is the DIY version and includes raw resin 3D Prints, elastic, hardware, and masking stencils. They will also include assembly instructions as well as some finishing tips.

Shield Generator Kit.jpg

Finished replicas will run $85 with free US shipping, while the kits are $40 with free US shipping. Both the finished replica and kit can also have a wrist display stand added on. These are 3D Printed in PLA and are $15.

Shield Generator Stand.jpg

I'm starting with a run of 5 finished replicas, and I've already started prepping those for paint. These are available to preorder and should be ready to ship later this month.

Kits are also available to order now as well, and can start shipping next week.

If you are interested in ordering please send me a PM.


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    Shield Generator Kit.jpg
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Hey all! Just wanted to provide a quick update for those who purchased the finished replicas. Cold weather has been making painting difficult which has caused some delays, but today looks like it will be a good day for spraying as well as Monday!

I expect all finished replicas from this run to be ready to ship sometime next week. In addition to the finished replicas, I've shipped a couple batches of kits out this past week, so if you ordered one of those tracking should be uploaded to the platform you purchased on. Kits are currently shipping about 2 days after the purchase.

Thanks for all the support and patience!


After I finish up this run I plan to start work on the pain box. The plan is to mold that to make resin casts.


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Oh, how wonderful! I'm new here and specifically joined because I saw these on the internet. Are these still available as a finished kit?


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Completed mine and I must share that this kit was an absolute joy to experience. The prints are precise and super clean requiring barely any clean up, and best of all every component fit perfectly. Thank you Andrew for your incredible work and contribution to the community. I am now looking forward to the Mando Vibroblade and Liberator blaster that are currently en route!



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Hey all! Thanks so much for the continued support on these. I recently shipped a couple more finished shields and made an extra that is ready to ship! PM me to claim it!


Also, I slightly updated the model and the screws now drive into M3 bolts on the underside. This eliminates the risk of cracking the resin when screwing directly into it as the old model did. Due to the size they can't sit 100% flush, but are not visible when being worn or displayed. This also will allow you to replace the strap if ever needed.


Speaking of resin cracking, I have two B Grade finished replicas that have minor cracks on the underside. These are still perfectly strong and the cracks are not visible unless looking under the strap. These are both available for $45 with free US shipping. Just message me if you'd like to claim one!


I hope to get back to working on some more Dune stuff soon including Stillsuit masks and Fremen Spring Guns.


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Got my kit yesterday. VERY nice. Super clean with minimal cleanup (and what there is is in "unseen" areas). Well-packaged also. Even includes instructions (which a lot of makers leave out on more complicated kits, for some reason). Looking forward to building this. :)

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