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UPDATE: These are now available! They're be available as two options, a finished replica and as a kit.

The finished replica is, well, exactly that. A fully finished prop replica ready for display.

Shield Generator 1.jpg
Shield Generator 2.jpg

The kit is the DIY version and includes raw resin 3D Prints, elastic, hardware, and masking stencils. They will also include assembly instructions as well as some finishing tips.

Shield Generator Kit.jpg

Finished replicas will run $85 with free US shipping, while the kits are $40 with free US shipping. Both the finished replica and kit can also have a wrist display stand added on. These are 3D Printed in PLA and are $15.

Shield Generator Stand.jpg

PM me if interested!

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Hey all! Continuing with my Dune obsession I'll soon be offering kits of the Personal Shield Generators.

Below are some photos of the 3D model I created with one of my 3D Artists. These kits will be 3D Printed in resin, this way parts can be mostly separated by color for easy paint. It will also use real hardware such as metric bolts and an elastic strap.

I'll have the first test printed later this week. Until then, I wanted to ask for help in sourcing the strap material as the only ones I've found that match the shade of gray ship from china. The image after the renders shows the screen used material. The specs needed for this kit are a gray, 1.5" wide webbed/twill elastic type material.




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Hey all, thanks for the interest in these! I'm finally getting around to making one which will make sure all parts fit together. I've got the hardware coming early this week, and think I may have finally found a source for the elastic that's the right color, fingers crossed! Assuming the elastic source works out, should be able to start offering them before the end of the year.

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