1. Benedictus

    Dune 2021 Still Suit fabric sourcing

    Hey folks! It's been really inspiring seeing everyone's builds for their still suit replicas. I'm working on my own and specifically searching for the most accurate fabric for the main body of the still suit as well as the vest. I've been searching through fabric stores online to no avail. As...
  2. CrossfireProps

    Unlimited Run Dune Personal Shield/Holtzman Generators

    UPDATE: These are now available! They're be available as two options, a finished replica and as a kit. The finished replica is, well, exactly that. A fully finished prop replica ready for display. The kit is the DIY version and includes raw resin 3D Prints, elastic, hardware, and masking...
  3. XavNZ92

    DUNE stillsuit FREE files for laser cutting

    So after weeks of finding reference and actually getting some insider information I managed to figure out and "reverse engineer" the DUNE (2021) still suit (padded parts). A good friend Jorge Zepeda (you are AMAZING) then drew these up for laser cutting and I am happy to share these with the...