DUNE (2021) Stillsuit patterns UPDATE


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Hello everyone , it's been a long long time since my last time on here.

I have spent a lot of time making stillsuit patterns for the community with the precious help of a few other community members like Anders Hudson @grumpy_swede who's help making the patterns easier to use has been invaluable.

I have also designed a 3d printable kit for the Maula Pistol amoung other Dune and non Dune related things.

Up until recently myself and Anders sold kits through etsy but this will no longer be possible because of Copyright reasons.

If there is interest through here I can still offer the patterns and the kits with Anders fulfilling pre cut kit manufacturing for American continent customers and me handling the rest of the world and patterns.

I will make the maula Pistol files available for free.

Included are pictures of the stillsuit kits and of the maula 3d files.


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