Dullam's new Joker sculpt with teeth


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Hi everyone,
A few people asked to see my Hit Me sculpt WIP. I like to capture the actor before I add the character. I'd appreciate any comments you have regarding the likeness to Heath Ledger.
Thanks for your time,




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Re: Bob's Hit me sculpt

Who now?

LOL! Looking spot on! I would say you could probably get a close likeness with one hand and blindfolded by now! ;)

But I am liking this a LOT. Very different from what you guys and every other sculptor has already done. Very cool expression this time around. I could see this in the cop (parade) makeup where he is normal skin toned. He has a very sinister look in both of those scenes.

Basically nothing to add other than, LOOKING GREAT! :)
Re: Bob's Hit me sculpt

Here's a pic with the teeth temporarily in. What do you think? I'll put them in permanently in the morning.
Re: Bob's Hit me sculpt

Thanks for the comments, everyone! @Frosty: Yes, it's hollow. I'll post better pics tomorrow.
Glad to see the interest. This the look we are hoping to acheive. A sinister look, half smiled grin with some teeth exposed.

This photo was also used as reference tool. Unfortunately this photo would need to be tweaked a bit, to give it a bit more of a sinister grin, however it does give a good indication of how it should progress.

Looking good guys, Im no expert by any means at all on this but there are A couple of things i;d say though i think could be improved upon. Firstly i think possibly the shape of the nose might need a bit of work especially in the profiles a i think its too big for his face. I also think the ears may be a little too big also and could be a bit thinner in line with this pic:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I would also say that i think the face is a bit too narrow in comparison with Haywire;s pic above. the jaw line looks like it needs to be bulked up a bit.
Thanks for the info xtcofpain. Maybe someone with some photoshop skills can pair up the pics (reference and bust pics) for comparison if it helps. Unfortunately I only know how to use windows paint..lol.
Here, one done to show what i mean.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Heath ears are not as wide as those on the sculpt, they need to be a bit narrower and longer as well as the nose is not as bulbous towards the bottom. Hope this helps
Great job and the profile of the nose does seem pretty close, however perhaps underneath the jaw needs to be brought more forward? Any chance you can superimpose the front facial features? Thanks for taking time to help out!
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@Haywire => Re: Dullam's new Joker sculpt with teeth

Taking your suggestion I brought the jaw forward and wow it really looks close now. Appears the sculpted ear position may be a little low.



I attempted to superimpose front views but the photo of the sculpted bust was taken from an angle shallower than 90 degrees so it is optically elongated. Given an image of the sculpted head photographed face on at eye level alignment would be simple. These photos illustrate what I'm describing.



Thank you xtcofpain and cncenthusiast for your superimposed images. That really helps to see what is right on and what needs work. The ears will definitely get a makeover! Any comments on the positioning of the eyes and teeth, keeping the Hit Me pose in mind, would be greatly appreciated.
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