The Planet Eater - Alien Sculpt


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Here's a fun piece I did that I called the "Planitofagos Gargantua" (the planet eater). I imagined this creature as a massive and malevolent alien being that devours planets by sucking the minerals out of their cores with its tentacles.



completed final sculpt sm.jpg

Molding time!

Used Moldstar 30 for these guys. The tear strength of this stuff is insane. Can't recommend it enough.

Final painted casting.
SF-WRS-PE color in hand.jpg

Alternate metallic version.
SF-WRS-PE pewter in hand angle.jpg

Steel wire loop on the back for wall hanging.
SF-WRS-PE pewter back.jpg
Kewl beans!

Prolly should have had the two final beasties in separate posts to see which got the most likes.

Nah, that'd be the same as running a competition 'tween kids...

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