Dooku Sith


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- Dukes hilt by korbanth
- Nano Biscotte v1
- 14650 li-ion battery 1600mah
- 20mm speaker
- Tri rebel RRW
- 1 ohm 1/2 watt resistors
- Momentary switch under the right nipple
- Custom switch ring
- 2.1mm recharge port
- Custom optic module
- No aditional vent for sound just use the two holes of the pomel. The tiny one under it and the retention screw socket, the pommel is maintain by another one.
- Custom polishing not done yet.
- MR type blade plug no finished yet
- Gold nipple no donne yet
- Custom stand not donne yet

As always, more soon.

Little video:

MVI 3710 - YouTube

On this one no light wanted in this area:

Slightly different paint job on the elbow and nipples:

Modified screw because I don't whant them exeed of the handle:

As always more soon.

14650 upgrade on this one too:



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Hi Pinousse,

Are you aware that somehow your pics do not load instantly in your thread? Which would make for a more pleasant viewing and reading :)



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And perhaps you could post all your nice saber works-threads together in one thread in stead of many? Perhaps a moderator could assist you?

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