Dooku Jedi


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Dooku Jedi:

- Dukes hilt by korbanth
- Nano Biscotte v1
- 14650 li-ion battery 1600mah
- 20mm speaker
- Tri rebel BBW
- 2 one ohm resistors
- Momentary switch under the left nipple
- Custom switch ring
- 2.1mm recharge port
- Custom optic module
- No aditional vent for sound just use the two holes of the pomel. The tiny one under it and the retention screw socket, the pommel is maintain by another one.
- Custom weathering not done yet.
- MR type blade plug no done yet

I don't have a 7/8 blade for now so I have donne quick test just with my 1 inch.

Weathering and blade plug still need to be done along with the blade plug. More soon.

MR type blade plug, just need to finish the polishing:

MR type blade plug finished:

Weathering / polishing progress:

I have quite finish with the Jedi one and today I have revised the original retention screw setup because I don't whant them exeed of the handle:

Near to the end on this one.

One of the finals steps, gold peint the nipples and the center of the custom MR type plug (just an estetic choice). Light weathering on those part as well:


Little update with the stand and a little video:

MVI 3710 - YouTube

And painted the elbow parts with the good color, will be light weathered.

Elbow weathering:

Ready to fight some realy big beast beside master Yoda.


18650 2500mah upgrade it's fit.

I have finely find the time to finish this saber.

The weathring is now done I have used a mixed acid solution I use to brind back the iner composotion of metal in sword or knives like for example on a damascus one.

This tipe of metal is an alloy so in other word a mix of several metal. The sollution I use react differently on the different type of metal and the bring to light the patern of the heterogeneous steel.

That give us that result:

And a quick video:

MVI 4797 - YouTube

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