Did I build a studio scale ED-209?


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Hey all,

Just finished my Horizon ED-209, and had this strange thought during the process of building him. I took a screen cap from one of the Making of docs on the Robocop Trilogy DVD set and posed me and ED for a similar pic:


Looks pretty darn close to me!

And thanks Wackychimp!


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Either way, you did a damn good job!
I never thought the old Horizon kits were that detailed! Aren't they made from that same horrible vinyl material as screamin used?



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Thanks Steve,

I can't say much about the rest of Horizon's stock, but the ED was pretty detailed overall and accurate in the bold details. Yeah, its vinyl as well - my first and possibly last attempt!

As well I did detail the model quite a bit, the back leg rails were solid, I cut out the hollow areas, created inner sides and added a screw to each. The Missile launcher was remove and I scratch built the individual tubes and missiles, as well, other small details were added.

Once I sort through the pics I took, I'll post some.


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If he's not studio scale, he's damned close. Great build up too
I see these on ebay a lot (recasts though) and it makes me want to build one...someday...when I have time again


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I used to have that model (I think I still have some parts lying around after being eaten by my girlfriends dog...). I have always had the strong suspicion that in fact it was casted from the studio scale one. Just look at the cuppola, the mouth, the guns, the screws everywhere look like real screws....

Ad by the way you ED is the most acurate I've ever seen Congrats!



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Thanks Sergio!

The screws do look very accurate to the movie model for the most part, a few are lacking in detail, like they are not deep enough, but the mouth actually, that's where a lot of work went into making it look like the screen version. All it was originally was a couple of vents, a bar and some lines see:


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Man, I didn't know Horizon's ED-209 kit was that decent... have to pick one up from my local comic book shop as they still have one on their shelves collecting dust all these years for $49.95.

I have 2 Japanese "Making of Robocop" book (one on robo 1 & one on robo 3) which have a few pages of the studio stop motion model. The Horizon model is pretty accurate in size and shape but the studio models have much more detail stuff on it.

I scaned some of the pics for my friend's site: http://robocoparchive.com/

I think the reference pics are still there under the ED-209 setion.

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