Definitive Harley Quinn suicide squad thread


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For the ladies that bought the Marucci glove, what size did you get and how well did it fit? I want to get the glove as a gift, but can only find size XL and my lady friend is a medium.

Has anyone bought a color other than red and successfully painted it the correct colors?

I got a size small and it was slightly big for my hands (I have ridiculously small hands for an adult, a lot of people have laughed about it) but fit my mum's hands perfectly and she commented on how comfy they are.

I got them in red, they're slightly more expensive but I would assume that's because red is such a nice colour and of course, all the Harley cosplayers want a screen-accurate pair.
I feel like it might be difficult to paint them, the metallic red areas are a slippery kind of material if that makes sense?


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I also got the XL. I wear a med-large in men’s batting gloves (depending on the brand). This glove is slightly big on me. I put a small seam on the inside of the pinkie finger whole and it fits pretty well now.


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Or this one: They are in two kind of color variations and looks nice :)!



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Another option for the cane tips - I've made a printable model of them for another cosplayer (harleyquinn_gothamsiren). They were modeled after a pair of real cane tips that I modified myself

I've also been making models of the club scene jewellery. So far I have finished the studded palm cuff and a "trench" palm cuff (aka the pave palm cuff, the rhinestones will have to be added after) and I made the rhombus ring (in two parts so they can be printed in different materials or painted separately for a neater finish) - again, rhinestones will have to be added after
710x528_20436526_11708207_1506461449.png 710x528_20854451_11871681_1509150217.png 710x528_21573667_12161262_1513704732.png 710x528_20848122_11869126_1513786358.png

I don't remember if it's been addressed already but some friends and I worked out (and had it confirmed by the metal designer) that the puddin choker and yes sir bracelets are actually the same widths and are 4cm wide. It's difficult to find lockable looped tongue buckles that fit 4cm wide belts/chokers, so I made a model of it. I also made the sliding letters to fit 4cm chokers/strap bracelets too
710x528_20667484_11763761_1513814321.png 710x528_21533262_12144054_1513380025.png
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