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I have been working on my new suit and thought I would start a thread to show my progress. I'm a big fan of the first two Dead Space games but have not played 3 yet.

Here is my REF pic -

000.jpg 00.jpg

I did a lot of research on-line before I started, threads on 405th and RPF.

So here I go. I will post a bulk of pictures and info now then I will update as a finish him off. My deadline is May 2016 as he will be going to London to compete at the MCM comic-con.

I hope you give great feedback and enjoy Dax79's build. #watchthisdeadspace
I started with the helmet first. I always like to start there as it inspires me to continue.

I found a PEP file for the helmet about two years ago within a thread. I can not for the life of me remember the creator of the file. If your reading this THANK YOU!

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 06.jpg

08.jpg 09.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg

As you can see I started with card, then fiberglass. Covered in resin then used car filler to smooth out some parts of the top.

I used EVA foam for the helmet add-on's. At first, I used EL tape to light it up. It looks cool but in daylight it's just not bright enough. I have been working on so new led lights #watchthisdeadspace



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Once I had a helmet it was time to start on the torso. I decided to use EVA foam to create the ribs.

10.jpg 11.jpg 17.jpg

19.jpg 18.jpg 20.jpg

EVA painted with rubber paint to give a bobbled metal look. Then painted in Copper B32. The added to a black vest. EVA foam belt created too.

Time to look at the hard bit now..... the RIG.

04.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg

23.jpg 29.jpg 30.jpg

So I started with card, then fiberglass. I used Worbla to strengthen the EVA then used DVD boxes, pen lids, foam, glue, paper and plastic tubing to get the shape. I used a GoPro chest harness to hold it on my back

Right Arm Gard -

0000.jpg 33.jpg 32.jpg

EVA clamps, Worbla frame and pleather strap. I have used magnets to hold this onto my arm.

Time to see where I'm going.... Map Unit to lead the way.

24.jpg 25.jpg 31.jpg

00000000.jpg 0000000000.jpg

EVA foam shell then Worbla covered. sealed then painted. I have added this to the GoPro harness to hold it into place. Lights will go into the map unit.

Weapon of choice... Remember... CUT OFF THIER LIMBS!

05.jpg 07.jpg 12.jpg


Plasma Cutter - Started with a toy gun, cut, added EVA foam and will add Lazers to it later #watchthisdeadspace

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So I'm still working hard on this build. I post updates on my facebook page and will continue to add to this thread. Here are some more pictures.

26.jpg 27.jpg

And here he is on the mannequin...

34.jpg 35.jpg 36.jpg

Please comment and tell what you think! remember to #watchthisdeadspace

Looking really good and great to see all the in progress pics of how it's been coming together. Always interesting to see the small details and the way it builds up to the end product.
Looking great so far! I think yours might be one of the most comprehensive build logs for the costume I've seen :)

Thanks, I will continue to add LOADS of photos during the build. I have loads of pictures on my dax79Cosplay Facebook page showing things that don't always go the right way.
On the RPF I will add pictures of what works out and I keep.

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Wow, great build! When I first started getting into Cosplay I really wanted to build a Dead Space Armor, but it was too complicated by then and I didnt know about pepakura yet.

Your armor turned out very nice, Im really excited to see it finished! :)

And dont worry about playing Dead Space 3, i played the first 30min and it was horrbile, no wonder the series was put on hold! :D That´s what happens if you want to convert a horrer game into a shooter.

But they had nice armors in DS3:


Maybe one day I´ll have time to build it. After I finished my Iron Man Starboost Armor! :D
boots -01.jpg boots -1.jpg

Boots time. First I got some welly boots. I then cut out the parts needed from craft foam. I have been using the Ref pic from the top of the thread. I used Worbla and used the sandwich method to shape the parts needed.

boots 1.jpg boots 2.jpg

I have used wood screws to affix the bottom panels to the boots. I used nuts and bolts to attach the rest to the boots. I will add an EVA foam bar along the heel of the boot soon. I had a walk about in them and I'm looking forward to stomping on a few necromorphs :)

I hope you continue to enjoy my (Slow) build and #watchthisdeadspace
JC777 hit it exactly with what I was thinking but couldn't find the words at the time.

Also the boots are looking good.

Knee time!! #watchthisdeadspace slowly getting there. Almost got the first layer of the suit done. Then I go over it again adding details, then again to add paint. Then it will be time to get the lights working correctly. Will he be ready for May London mcm 2016?

12565621_1125183147506594_4556030645948796204_n.jpg 12573891_1125183170839925_6696105924463844494_n.jpg

Boots and knees 'selfie'
They move well and are comfortable but strategy heavy. #watchthisdeadspace
1.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

Added first layer of paint to lower arms. I'm happy with that so far. I will go over the full costume when it's all painted

Here is the ref I used -







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1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

5.jpg 6.jpg

So today I did some little bits... Added lights to boots... undercoat added to left arm parts...

Made some sponge rings and painted one up to see if the paint will take. If this works the four rings will be added to the legs this week.

And the left shoulder is done (See below)


If only all parts were that easy!

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