dead space

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  1. R

    Dead space plasma cutter

    Hello, I am hoping someone can really help me out or at least point me in the right direction. I am trying to make a plasma cutter from the dead space game series. I would like to make it light up like it does in the video game, I have a few ideas in mind, but I have never worked with lasers...
  2. G

    The Ship of the Imagination from "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey"

    First post! Lovely to actually post here after years of lurking. :lol I've been modelling Neil DeGrasse Tyson's sleek Ship of the Imagination from "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey," and boy, is it quite the challenge. After rewatching A Spacetime Odyssey in anticipation of "Cosmos: Possible Worlds"...
  3. R

    Dead Space 2 Security suit help!

    For this costume I am trying to get the helmet out of the way first, but for the life of me I cannot find any stl or pepakuta files of the security suit. I need some help tracking some down, thank you guys. (pictures included) - - - Updated - - -
  4. Dax79

    DeadSpace 2 - CEC Engineering Suit

    I have been working on my new suit and thought I would start a thread to show my progress. I'm a big fan of the first two Dead Space games but have not played 3 yet. Here is my REF pic - I did a lot of research on-line before I started, threads on 405th and RPF. So here I go. I will...
  5. tomvdc

    Dead Space security armor

    I have been working on my dead space armor for a while. its made from 4mm eva foam. I used templates for the helmet, chestplate, shoulder and legs. the back rig and gauntlets are made freehand. I also used a template for the plasma cutter.
  6. wondersquid

    Interest Dead Space 3 Rifle

    I was commissioned to make a full size replica of this bad boy! It's one of the rifles from Dead Space 3 DSR Toy Veiw 1 by Mal Keller, on Flickr Trying to gauge if there is interest in making a mold for it. Otherwise, it's a fun one off. Started on it way back when and realized that my scale...
  7. JWKruser

    Dead Space - My first costume and prop attempt

    Hey all! I have been a lurker for over a year after being pointed to The RPF by a number of panels at Emerald City Comic Con. I saw a lot of awesome cosplay and wanted to try my hand at it. After all, if someone else can do it, so can I right? I knew I wanted to do an original Dead Space...
  8. PieSzy

    Dead Space Costume (Security Suit) WIP

    Hello everyone! I'd like to show you some progress photos of my Dead Space Security Suit costume. I've started from making helmet. Helmet is complete so it's time to make torso armor. In breaks for relaxation i work on plasma cutter. Material: Eva foam 5mm Plasma Cutter with servo arm in it...
  9. T

    Display Suit for a DC Sfi-Fi Museum Fund Raising Event.

    To all ofthe RFP family: I have a unique opportunity for one lucky suit builder to have their suit ofSci-Fi armor displayed as a centerpiece for a fund raising event for the new DC Sci-Fi Museum to beheld in Washington late September. The Executive Director of the Sci-Fi Museum (Mr...
  10. Nagatoj

    Dead Space 3: John Carver

    Hi everyone! New member to RPF here.I am pretty much called "Nagato" on my FB page. For a little more than half a year ago, I decided to try on the challenge of making the standard Special Forces Suit worn by John Carver from Dead Space 3. This was my first biggest and "well planned" project...
  11. A

    Dead Space Military Suit

    Hello, I'm currently in the middle of pepping the Military Suit from Dead Space. So far, I've unfolded two pieces, the Pulse Rifle, which I ripped from the game, and the helmet, which I got in an old .obj file on the 405th. I'll post updates for the project here, as well as any files I make...
  12. N

    The Plasma Cutter from Dead Space 2

    Kinda making this thread mid work so apologies for the lack of info, I'll update things later today. I'm making his cutter from wood. All I'm using is a Dremel tool, a Bosch sander and some help from a local carpenter. The cutter will switch to horizontal mode like in game and I'll fit some...
  13. N

    Dead Space 3 | Casual Isaac & Ellie

    Hey everyone! So this is my first cosplay costume that I am tackling. I am going to be making the casual Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford from Dead Space III. So far I only have Ellie's rig modeled out in clay. Nothing special. I will be refining it before I cast it in Polyurethane resin...
  14. booksandcorsets

    Dead Space helmet plus rig

    Hi everyone! I've been busy building a Dead Space rig for a client. This one to be more precise: EDIT: I don't know why those photos aren't showing up :( I'm already pretty far into it but here's what I'm planning: Bodysuit. I purchased a set of coveralls that will serve as the base of...
  15. O

    Dead space 2 security helmet

    this is my first helmet, i hope i can get advices from you people, i am using a baseball helmet and i will use pvc sintra
  16. SKS Props

    DEAD SPACE Isaac Clarke Level 3 Suit SKS Props

    Ok, so I finished my Isaac Clarke DEAD SPACE helmet. This is level 3 helmet from the first game you can find the build here Now I am starting the rest of the Level 3 suit. I figured the back rig will be the next most...
  17. Zaaz

    My first Dead Space WIP

    This is my first time ever working with craft foam and foam mats. I think I've made 7 helmet bases now and this was the only one I liked. I tried mounting the foam to things like helmets, trying to make a rounded dome, etc. Eventually I just settled with what I have and after adding details I...
  18. G

    Dead Space: Downfall Security jacket/ Divet pistol

    Hi, I'm new here but I have a couple projects that I would like some help with. To start with can anyone recommend a hardy material for fake guns that is repetitively friendly to new makers? secondly I've got a couple of rough sketches to go off of but I could really use some help with finer...
  19. SKS Props

    DEAD SPACE Helmet - Lights installed

    Here is another project I have been working on in between Borderlands orders. Some people have been asking me how I got to my base sculpt for the DEAD SPACE helmet. So I though I would put up some of the process shots as a brief tutorial. The helmet sculpt is done in monster clay, then...
  20. FLAKOE123

    Dead Space Custom Backpack

    Hello so I've always been a fan of Dead Space and a while back I was thinking it would be cool if there was a backpack that was made to look like a rig. I looked it up online and saw the official dead space backpack, but I didnt really like it because to me it didnt really look like a rig. I...
  21. O

    dead space 3 legionary suit pepakura request

    Hi every body i was wondering if anyone could have a dead space 3 legionary suit pepakura file for me. thanks to every one who could help and if some one have the pep for the weapons too...
  22. igna845

    Dead space Security suit helmet

    Hi everyone, loooong time without being in here but last week i started this because i have the plasma cutter and i decided to make the helmet (sorry the photo quality) I was going to make the helmet from pepakura and then fiberglass and bondo but watching some post i decided to try the eva...
  23. igna845

    the plasma cutter from dead space

    hello people i was playing dead space 2 and i tought that the plasma cutter is really cool, so looking i found the pepakura model. if anyone want is here it is: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service i dont remember where i get the file so credits to anyone who make...
  24. arctrooper

    dead space rig info

    So I'm doing a dead space project and am in need of some information concerning the rig. If anyone could get me some pictures that would be nice. I was thinking of building the back rig out of some blue tubing, a bit of cut out trash can and some LED's. Any thoughts? :confused
  25. D

    Dead Space 211-V Pllasma Cutter

    This is something Ive been working on for a while now but I don't have all the time to work on it.

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