Darth Vader Samurai build


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So, I've been working on a Vader Samurai as well as a Boba Fett Samurai for my 6 and 4year old boys. When I get some time I`ll take a bunch of photos but right now I`m working like crazy on it. It will be mainly in foam and these are the first costumes (hopefully of many) that I`ve done. Just thought I`d post a couple picks of the masks. Any feedback would be appreciated. The Vader is only sprayed with plasti-dip so far. 20150404_012003a.jpg 20150308_175329a.jpg


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And here are most of the pieces in various stages getting ready to be painted (if it ever warms up outside). 20150404_131639.jpg .
Fail of the day.. melting through my airbrush hose with my heat gun. Are there any cosplay fail threads with stupid things we have done. A few days ago I decided to seal my mask with a spray adhesive 20150330_180727(1).jpg (this stuff is really sticky). Hand got fully covered (didn`t use gloves) and then tried to wipe off my hand with a cloth that was covered in foam powder. It felt like I had been tarred and feathered for a couple days. :p
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Wow ... a full costume? Also keep in mind at what time in the day you paint ... especially when the night temperatures might suddenly drop ... to my horror I discovered cracked paint on my ESB armor after drying overnight ... so I could start all over again :wacko



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So, Just finished Calgary comic expo and finished the costumes just in time. Many lessons learned from my first attepts but here are the finished Vader/Boba fett samurai builds. 20150419_124916.jpg 20150419_125049.jpg 20150419_132719.jpg 20150419_133948.jpg 20150419_140723.jpg


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Those came out great! What a novel idea. based on the first pics I was not so sure about where you were headed but the end result is very cool. Well done.
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