daisy softairs in need of some modifications


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A couple of months ago I won an auction on ebay for 45+ pounds of broken and partial "toy guns". Being that I make films, and enjoy doing fan films, and building prop guns, I saw an opportunity for greatness in this auction.

What I got was very old, dirty model guns, lots of them, metal non-firing replicas, lots of them, aluminum cast guns with spinning cylinders, and a few non-functioning daisy softair autos, the 59 and beretta, and also 2 daisy softair revolvers with no barrels.

Now, I already have a couple of functioning softair guns, so I have in the past purchased the ammo, and the plastic spring loaded bullets needed for the guns as well. So, I tested these two revolvers to see if they work, and guess what, THEY BOTH FIRE.

It was a pretty cool system, and back in the day I really wanted to buy them all.

Took me about 15 years, but my softair collection is looking pretty good now:)

Aren't we all kids at heart anyway.

SO NOW, I am left with wondering on ways to modify them. I have lots of PVC tubing, which I am going to make the barrels out of, so I can still fire them.

I am just not sure how to make these suckers look. I am considering, very seriously making one of them the guts of a BSG blaster.

But I think, ultimately I would like to have them match. I'd like to have a set of custom softairs, probably with scopes with an anime flavor to them.

Any ideas????????? :love


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Well, if you decide not to go with a matched set, I could see fabricating a PKD out of one, using the other matching trigger as a static part; Not quite sure how to go about reloading it tho, short of a clamshell type design...


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Well, I have quite a few blade runner blasters already, so I can't say that interests me too much, but I agree that it probably could be converted with enough elbow grease.

I have a poseiden Vash gun clamshell, but the gun is way too big for it, and I would not be able to fire the gun withough

I have considered constructing sort of a heavy "target" barrel for them, with some anime style mods maybe. these are from clark custom guns. They do excellent work.

I'm definately going to paint the grips BBQ black.

I have been searching around anime movie websites looking for some inspiration. Here is a little somehting from den trinity.

I found this crazy looking thing on longmountain's movie gun page. From xxx. I don't remember that crazy compensator on the end of it.

OK, all for now. Feel free to post some inspiration for me guys..



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You hit one of my favorite websites (with the hellboy samaritan link). I don't know who's work that is, but I have spent many an hour perusing those pictures. I LOVE his fett costume. His figures? Forget it.. I wish I had those kind of skills man.

Maybe someday. :) Definately inspiorational.....

Silent Mobius AMP Blaster
This one?

Pretty damn cool.

Zeiram / Iria revolver
I couldn't find any pics of these, but I seem to remember guns with all kinds of things stuck on em, wires, leather bound grips, river tam used a gun in the film that reminded me of the zeiram stuff I've seen.

I might just go in that direction.