Cylon Centurion Head and Neck Display 1:1 Scale From Sculpture to Display

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by JtotheP, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. JtotheP

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  2. JtotheP

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    The light bar for now is too fast. I bought this bar at a motorcycle supply web site. I'm having Timeslip-a fellow chap here at the RPF-make me a custom bar that works just like the show.:love
  3. jme3

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    Very nicely done! :thumbsup
  4. Clutch

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    That's freakin' awesome!
  5. Got Maul

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  6. Lord Abaddon

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    Well done! Incredible sculpting!
  7. Chronos

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    Yup... That's frakking amazing!

    (Glad to see another Fleet member also!)
  8. JtotheP

    JtotheP Well-Known Member

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    Thanks all for the warm replies.

    It takes alot of bondo, sanding, filing, caliper checks, more bondo, more sanding, and did I mention sanding to get acceptable symmetry.
  9. TazVader

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    Love it. I don't know what's more impressive. The great sculpt or you sick mlding techniques! Well done mate:)

  10. synasp

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    Fantastic work! It's always good to see a build in steps. What materials did you use for everything?
  11. Garthok

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    Wow again, you do simply amazing work. If you ever get the time or the inclination, starting a separate thread detailing your molding techniques would be greatly appreciated!! I am as impressed by those as your sculpting and painting skills.
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  12. Apollo

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  13. John Smallberries

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    Very good job.
    Love it.
    Steve Horch
  14. JtotheP

    JtotheP Well-Known Member

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    Thanks guys for all the compliments! It means a lot coming from you fellas here at the RPF.

    Materials I used are:
    Sculpture--Urethane foam which I was able to resin coat right over the top without the resin eating the foam like it does with white foam. Then I bondoed some areas to improve shape and detailing. After that I sprayed a high building polyester sandable primer. Sanded it ultra smooth and spray painted it a high gloss surface for molding.
    Molding--Cheap oil based clay for future silicone, fiberglass jacket, and Mold Max 30 from Smooth On.
    Casting--Gel Cote, and fiberglass.
    Paint--Epoxy primer, Matthews polyurethane acrylic paint "Sparkle Silver" and High gloss clear from Matthews as well.
    The base is made of aluminum.
    Light bar is a Knight Riderz bar from Custom Dynamics LLC motorcycle custom light supply web site. The bar is run by a nine volt battery and toggle switch.
    The lens is cut from a face shield I bought from a welding supply shop.
  15. dcc_clone

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    thanks for responding. can you tell us what density the foam is? and if it was a block or something you casted. thanks.
  16. JtotheP

    JtotheP Well-Known Member

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    The foam I used was a left over piece of 2 lb density urethane foam out of a 4'X8'X2' block from another project where I used to work. So it wasn't something I casted (not a bad idea though). The foam came from an insulation company called SPI or specialty products & insulation co. The smallest block you can get is a 4'X4'X2' block which is mucho expensive at approx. $400.00. The foam is awesome to carve from. You can even use your finger for rubbing in shapes and smoothing it out, but the dust is a nightmare-and hope you don't get any in your eyes:cry
  17. KevVader

    KevVader Sr Member

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    Wow....very cool!
  18. THStudio

    THStudio Well-Known Member

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    You do some amazing work, as someone else said your sculpting is as great as your molding and finishing.

    I too would love to see even more molding and preparation pictures within the behind the scenes if you have any available.

  19. Spartan117

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    Awesome job on that!
  20. kodofett

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    Great job would love to see more. Keep up the good work.

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