Cyberpunk city diorama


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Oh, Analyzer-san! Ah... Yes, David Lynch's both movie has something special taste. Denis Villeneuve's other movies were good. joberg-san I agree, that was packed with too many scenes and dull artistic sequences. And the music was not fit the scene. Instead, that miniature-based scene was excellent.
I think, taking a SciFi movie is very difficult to even for a veteran film director. I thought when I see Robert Wise's Star Trek TMP. His 'Andromeda Strain' was so good. but was not a SciFi, it was scientific suspense of the present day. And Luc Besson. His action movies were good. 96 hours, Nikita. However, his Fifth Element, All those miniature were so good but the movie was mediocre mayhem.
Hey, we are SciFi modelers. At least we can enjoy those miniature sets and vehicles of every movie.
No model maker ever betrayed us.

I was struggling to make a template for the figure.
I did it when I built the crews of a ground vehicle many years ago.





Aww... I thought It may need a lot of trimming after baking.

Just then, some packages from Amazon arrived.
My wife said, 'Hey, please use them. I happened to find them and I love them!'
God ****! What a quality! Sculpt by Satoshi Tsujimura. Wooow. :love:







More than 30 figures. Wow, :love:

'Did it cost a lot?'
'Not that much, $5 to 10 for each box.' Less than $100 totally.'
'Thank you so much! I cook something delicious tonight.':notworthy:

My own made figure? Ah... maybe I can use them for the place somewhere in a shadow or behind something.
From the back side of them. :rolleyes:

Oh, one more thing. Please check this out.
A watch! A very old one I think. That was the last of a dead stock of the '70s. I remember I saw this kind of watch in one of the episodes of the TV show 'Columbo'. It was "Playback" in 1975. The criminal of murder used this kind of watch to make his alibi. I thought it was so cool and wanted one of those. A few days ago, I found this on a net shopping site. $80. Don't you think it's still cool isn't it? I love this retro-future taste.




Thanks for looking!


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Katsu-san , here's wishing your mother and those affected by the extreme heat (anywhere) better and stable health / condition


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OK, I don't need rest anymore.
I was dying to back to the workbench last week.
Thanks to the coming typhoon, the weather is better than last week. I mean cloudy days.

Each standing figures need to take the required posing. I need to remember the old days when I was making kit models. I often built some 1/32 soldiers of Tamiya kit. 50 years ago.

I omit the finishing for the parts that won't be visible.









Ahh, there are some rough parts when they are magnified. I need to fix them.

The setting for the coffee shop is almost OK. I needed to think about the shop next to it.
How about a home appliances shop or radio shack.




I need to build a few more home appliances in the show window.

Thanks for looking,


scarf man

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How about a smartphone kiosk/shrine lol.
I’m continuing to enjoy your work Katsu-san, and am glad your Mother is doing better.

Much Admiration,


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How about a smartphone kiosk/shrine lol.
I’m continuing to enjoy your work Katsu-san, and am glad your Mother is doing better.

Much Admiration,

Thank you for the kind words and ideas, scarf man-san.

Kiosk... That's a precious old memory. Most of the train stations used to have one. Cheerful mid-aged women are in charge; we know each other and what you buy every morning. When I make home after work, I used to call home to tell them with the public phone at the kiosk that I'm going home by now. Every time, I ask them, 'What's for dinner?. The woman in the other kiosk asked me 'What was that?' 'They said Shabu-shabu'. 'Good!'. :lol:

Good to see some clients in that diner (y) (y) And glad to hear that your Mother is getting better by the day;):notworthy::notworthy:

Thank you, joberg-san. So far, those clients do nothing look like punks but, I will challenge them to make them.

Great to hear your mother is feeling better!

love the figures and the facial expression/eyes! Your doing excellent work on them

..and that window display is amazing!

Thank you, Analyzer-san!
I had to buy new extra thin paint brushes for this.
Looks like I need more practice though.

Recently, I'm having a fearful feeling that I'm gradually losing my ability for those small and precise work. My eyes are getting weaker and I feel my hands are awkward. Whatever, I have to manage to do anyway.




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Amazing thread! I’m really enjoying your work, I’m excited to read your next post. Thank you for sharing your exceptional skills!

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