Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team Helmet


New Member
Hi to all , have finished my 3d Helmet and now have starter the print
looking amazing! how are you going to tackle the vision issue, since there aren't any visible "sight holes"
thanks, you asked me an excellent question at the moment the visor is closed and does not allow you to see anything, but I am studying an opening system like in the iron man helmet
That's amazing to hear, can't wait to see it done! Are you planning on making any more elements to the Trauma Team get-up (suit or weapons)? I'm currently making the Kang-Tao G-58 SMG that the soldiers use, sanding this thing has been absolute hell:sleep:
You can retract eyes wide areas and cover them up with black clothing...or my other idea is way more expensive and more troubles. You put a camera in front of the helmet and a lcd screen inside to see ...

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