Customer build 1/350 NX-01

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Like the title states the paint is barely dry on the Nautilus so time to start this build. It will be lighted and Doug Drexler himself will be helping me along the way.

Got the Aztec decal set for it from Acreartion Models and the light kit from Lighting kit so I'm ready to roll.

First up black out the lighted sections of the model. Tomorrow I'll assemble the outer windows sections and do the same to them. Then white to reflect the light on the inside.

Most of the day was spent on research and familiarizing myself with the build in general.

More tomorrow.






Have been enjoying all your builds, I have just one question ... When do you find time for SLEEP? I'm lucky to get maybe 2-3 projects done a year and they will NEVER even come close to your level. Thanks for makeing my day with this build, the NX-01 is one of my favorites, second only to the 1701 refit. Although the NX-01 refit is makeing that a close call.
I can't wait to see how this turns out! I just got the acreation decals for the enterprise B.
I used their enterprise E decals before, they lay down nice and thin, and take EXTREMELY well with setting solutions.
Thanks guys and that's good to know about the decals. Good!

Space Rat is my job. It's all I do that's how. Believe me if someone is paying you 8-10 hours a day to build models they get done fast or faster. But thanks.

I have that beast and those decals myself. Looking forward to tackling it one day (hopefully in the next 10 years, lol). Looking forward to seeing what you do with her.
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Steve (to save you a headache later) remember this kit has a known issue in which parts need to be modified to keep the profile of the nacelles in line with the rest of the ship. If built right out of the box, the nacelles sag back severely. Same way as this TOS model pictured.
Lets hope not but thanks for the heads up. The instructions on this kit are updated and Doug Drexler is on board with me on this build as far as reference since he designed the ship.

The Nautilus is finished today so I'll be at the NX full time starting tomorrow.

Now that the Nautilus is really done I'm on this job full time. Today I finished off the black out and then airbrushed white primer on the inside. I find the primer is much more opaque they flat white paint. Some use silver but I find that it does reflect light as well as silver is much more directional and the white diffused and diffused is what you want. There aren't that many lights with this kit so best spread its light as much as possible.


Next up was to sand off all the exterior surfaces and remove all the over flow from painting the interior. Then I used Testors enamel based primer on the exterior. Again this light blocks even more and gives a great surface to add the silver paint.

My choice was Alclad 2 Lacquer polished aluminum.


Dour Drexler sent me a bunch of pictures of the NX he built for Enterprise. I was looking them over trying to get a sense of the true color and then it hit me. Like me he’s a WW2 junkie. This had to be a flight aluminum surface like the unpainted B-17 and B-29s of the period. Sure enough he said I was right. From that point on I knew exactly what to do.


Now to let the primer dry over night before I apply the silver. The plan here is to pre-paint all the surfaces of the major assemblies. Apply the Aztecs as it’s easier to handle and apply them this way. Then install the windows and lights and assemble the whole thing. Any seaming that might have to be done can then be easily touched up with the airbrush.


More tomorrow,

Thanks Hellboy. I hope it helps others. This is how I learned and I owe it all to model builders that shared how they did it. It's nice to pass it on.

The NX-01 is my favorite by far so I'll be keeping a close eye on this one.

I envy your skills and knowledge!
I'm not sure how those aztec decals will look over polished aluminum paint. You'll probably see the edges a lot. Perhaps an overall matte clear top coat will take care of it??
More painting on the NX-01 today. As it turns out the Alclad was only enough to cover the top of the saucer and I ran out. At 9 dollars a bottle…well I went back up to the hobby store and got some Testors Aluminum finish rub and buff which worked better and covered very well. It took two bottles to cover the entire ship.

In addition I got to do a quick test of the nacelle lights. The kit worked well and they are just stuck in there and rubber band closed. I was amazed how well it worked.

Also I did a lot of tinting with transparent acrylics.

As for the paint I have to wait until tomorrow to buff it. Then add the metalizer sealer. Then weight another day. Gloss that so that the decals will slide well and wait another day to handle it without screwing up the surface.

Here’s a little video from my You Tube reports that shows the nacelles working.

Enjoy and good night,



A mix of red and yellow. I first used Krylon dull coat to frost the bussard collectors.


Lots of parts shinning with a metal surface.


Not buffed yet but it looks the part already.



Dull coat and tinting.

YouTube - sneillfx report 1.wmv
And that video
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