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Hi, I just started work on a custom light saber using a DeMornay - Budd Flash gun. Picked it up for a song. Already have experience working with
my son on ROTJ and V2 as well as Obi wan sabers. See pictures below. Not sure with to do with the emitter.


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Hey this looks fantastic! Props on finding a nickel plated flash, can't wait to see where this build goes!
Hey, I got the t-track from Roy along with a D-ring. The ring fit perfectly in the center screw hole after I drilled it out a bit - next I shaved off the two sides
of the d-ring holder. That helped it fit into the little indent under the screw head. I also cut the connector board from a computer board to put in the clamp sanding
the edges to fit.That's it for now! I'm working on the emitter end portion.Thanks for looking!!
Hello again, I sanded and primed the button switch. Next I wet sanded the switch and painted it black. I'm not sure what I want to do with the
spindles - they had a threaded ring with diamond shaped edges along with a cone shaped cap nut. I was to hold a flash dish on it. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks for looking!
Hi redbutton . . . that looks very promising indeed :) . . . so either you could weather and paint the top section a bit black as the V2 . . . or you could search for a true Vader emitter shroud ... either a Heiland or a replica MPP ... I wish I could say Roy will have them soon in a Vader Heiland conversion kit ... but it's still being in the research and developement stage, until we meet so I can show my real MPP and ROTJ G R A F L E X parts to be replicated by him :)

Especially now that the "ROTJ" Vader is truly from filming.
some similar wrapped shroud piece would be cool, with or without those protruding ..things

:) this is my dad! Chaim, that's the card that was in that bag of greeblies you sent me, thank you again! Haha it's going to good use ;)
Hello Everyone. I got a new reflector on ebay from and old graflex No. 2747 7 to use for an emitter. Let me know what you think with regards to put it on with the set screw up
on top or letting it be on the bottom. See pics. Thanks.
I like the reflector shroud... gonna have to keep that in mind... Cool looking, OT style saber!

With the lip on the end, you could feed a graflex style shroud on the end... like they did with the holiday special...

I'm not sure how to explain... but like the front of this:


Also, I say thumbscrew on the Bottom, Flat side up (Vader ROTJ style)
Well a mighty good find for a shroud . . . and again welcome thd9791's dad . . . good to know some of my surplus parts are being used properly . . . in a lightsaber :)

Red button is toms dad!? That's super cool! Welcome to the club!! I really enjoyed watching your sons thread and your involvement in it, that's great you started your own build!!
The long metal piece is attached to the clamp - which has rivets to help it open and close. Nice piece of engineering.
red button
Gorgeous, I've been curious what one of those graflite emitter pieces would look like. Awesome!
Now that's a hardware saber! I especially am a fan of the tube socket in the emitter, and the thumbscrew on the side. They really bring it into the SW universe.
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