Limited Run Crystal Chamber Run-Obi Wan Ep 4 Lightsaber "Romans MK1"

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Hey Guys,

Due to the amount of PM's

Once again, due to a rise in emails asking for another run, If i get 50 Committed i will do one more run of the crystal chambers....


"This is a Awesome Vid from the Proplicator"

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These will all be fx kits, if you have a static version of the saber ( the one that has a rod from the pommel to the emitter )you will need to get 2 2inch bolts and some washers to connect the booster to the sink knob, and the emitter to the windvane. They will not be included in this run. its really simple to connect.

Sample pic


Check this thread out for pics of Members sabers and helpful info

Hey Guys,

Price $155.00

Shipping within the U.S. $10.00

Priority for International
Japan- 52.00
Brazil- 48.00
UK- 53.00
Australia- 52.00
Canada- 39.00
China- 52.00
Norway- 47.00
Spain- 47.00
Great Britain/Ireland- 51.00
Germany- 47.00

Paypal account -

Please send shipping info and forum name

Here is a complete piece, ! :)




***Price Update, Complete Kit will run $155.00 Plus Shipping. Please let me know if you are still interested so we can get this project Started. I need at least a minimum of 50 sets. Once the 50 is met payments will be do so I can start the run. Estamated time to completion is quoted "8 weeks".
The company is making these directly to fit Romans grenade. (Some slight sanding of the inner grenade may be required, only 3 of the last 300 that have been made had this happen )

This batch will have to accommodate directly to romans parts. WILL NOT WORK ON OTHER SABERS

Basically this will be a 3 piece set that will be able to connect to Romans New FX saber ( must be current booster and grenade ) with no mods to the actual saber itself. All the parts that are made
will be able to connect to the saber. There are 2 sections where you can still send wires up through to light up the emitter.

Crystal Chamber ( Included is 1x Acrylic Crystal,2x Crystal fittings,3x Rods "Aluminum", 2x Hallow rods "brass" )

All parts will be made out of aluminum.

1.mrwax Paid 9505512893689155625523
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Just got me a AFBB MK1 from Roman's recent run and this is definitely happening. Thank you for making this run happen Rudy


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Are you still planning on starting the LS6 crystal chamber or have you decided to complete another run of the Obi chambers first?


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I really like the first one I purchased from you. On this second chamber, can I get it unassembled? I plan on significantly altering it. That would help a lot.