Cowboys & Aliens - Jake Lonergan Gauntlet Weapon


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Is there a way I can get in touch with the mods of the forum
to see if he is just ripping people of and setting up new accounts and doing the same thing again and again


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i guess I may be a little late in the day to ask if anyone happens to have a spare 7-11 version... I loved this movie and would love to get hold of the wrist blaster...


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So I want to say a Huge thank you to Mutant-Enemy for shipping the spare cup, came here in record time I swear.

Im starting my own build today, got to get myself some more Blue LEDs I know many have been using white but I decided to go with blue none the less.

Im gonna get a good start on it today and if your interested Ill post photos, event though theres a bunch of 711 versions already posted, I think each is a little different from the other. Also working on the arm to, using parts of the cup cuff not being used, I hate to waste bits. Thanks for all the fantastic advice and such on here you guys are truly talented and incredibly helpful



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If anyone comes across a template photo of the gauntlet, (by TEMPLATE, I mean FRONT, SIDE, REAR, TOP, etc... views), then I could make a model of it, and turn it into a .PDO For everyone.


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I modded one of these cups for my kid way back when:



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Ain't patina on the surface. That's case color hardening, an alchemic technique in creating a glass-hard, high-carbon protective surface on low-carbon steel, commonly used on firearms at the time and is still used today. The rainbow of colors is just a byproduct and is often simulated cheaply using chemical etching. On non-ferrous materials, it can only be done through a laborious paintjob with air brushing and wet sanding. However I've a cheap way of simulating it with spray paint using several layers of base color paints (silver,gold,black optional red and blue) half dried then swirled around with a thinner soaked cotton ball. Shown below in my half-assed attempt without dry brushing all the grime and accents yet.

Thats brilliant work! I learned something today.


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Hey I've been building a screen accurate blaster in 3D and am looking at having it 3D printed. I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in purchasing a cast and what size their wrist and forearm is? Also, would you want a fully painted cast with working LEDs and HUD? Or just a raw cast for you to paint and finish yourself? PM me with all the fun details and I'll see what I can get going...
Hey I am interested in getting my hands on one of your cast I could I please have one painted with working leds please and how much thank you

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