[Cowboys & Aliens] Jake Lonergan - Finished!

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So with Halloween drawing ever so near, I decided I needed to get on with my Jake Lonergan costume.


I have so far:

- 1860 Colt Army (Denix) and holster w/belt

- Hat (picked it up in Wyoming last summer)

On my list to do is:

- Vest (chocolate brown pinstripe)
- Chaps
- White shirt, weathered
- Finish my wrist blaster


With a long weekend out of town next weekend, and working full-time in retail, I actually don't have another day off before Halloween that I will be able to work on this. So I took full advantage of my day today and started on the chaps.

To begin, I took a pair of chinos I no longer wear, and dissected them at the seams! These would become my pattern. The particular style of chaps worn in the movie are mostly closed in the front, with the majority of the rear missing.


I purchased some leather-like upholstery vinyl from Hobby Lobby at a very decent price (yard and a half at $21.99/yd + weekly 40% off coupon found on their website!). Here you can see my "pattern" laid out on the fabric for marking and cutting:


As you can see, I left quite a bit of excess on the right side of the pattern to allow for wrapping around for closure on the leg.


After cutting out the right leg pieces, I flipped them over and traced them onto the second piece of fabric to replicate the left leg:


Now that I have two pieces cut for each leg, I needed two more pieces for the front detail seen here:


I freehanded these onto a scrap piece and cut them out, and used fabric eyelets (also purchased at Hobby Lobby) to attach them to the front leg pieces:



Before I did that though, I did a test fit of the front piece to check the length and overall fit. I noticed there was extra fabric at the top, so I decided I could fold the excess over to the back to create a slip for a belt to go in, which would attach the two legs and keep them up where I wanted them! I made sure there was enough for a belt to fit, and then stitched it down.

After attaching the front details with the eyelets, I broke out the wife's sewing machine (which I have never used before!) and sewed the rest of the piece down. Please forgive my poor stitching skills!


Next up was to sew the two halves of each leg together. I matched up my pattern marks (with seam allowances) and pinned them together, then ran them through the sewing machine.

Next I needed a way of joining one side to the other for wear: snaps. I placed six snaps equidistant from each other down the entire leg. I then did another test fit to mark the back piece for the other half of each snap. This required some help from my wife :)


After marking the placement for the snaps, I finished installing them and gave them a final test fit.

The front:

The back:

So one leg is complete, and the second shouldn't take too long. Next up will be the vest...
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Re: [Cowboys & Aliens] Jake Lonergan - WIP

Finally got some time to work on this again... With less than a week to go, I needed to buckle down. So today I finished the second leg of the chaps to complete those, and also tackled the vest.

I used an old sportcoat I had that didn't for me anymore. Deconstructed it the same way I did with my chinos (used for the chaps pattern). I would only need the front pieces of the jacket, since I would be using a contrasting fabric for the back of the vest. I had a vest on hand that I loosely used as a pattern.

After tracing the pattern I cut out the pieces and finished the edges with the sewing machine (my new found skill!)


I then traced my pattern for the back, and sewed everything together


So my biggest components are done, and now I just have to weather a shirt and finish up my wrist blaster! With the vest done I feel much better about getting this finished by Saturday
Re: [Cowboys & Aliens] Jake Lonergan - WIP

I wanted to do this for halloween but got lazy lol. looks great!
Re: [Cowboys & Aliens] Jake Lonergan - WIP

Thanks guys! I should hopefully get some time tonight to work on the wrist blaster. Pics to follow, of course :)
Re: [Cowboys & Aliens] Jake Lonergan - WIP

Thanks again for the comments and encouragement!

I finally made myself sit down and finish up my wrist blaster build...

I took a slightly different approach than from what I saw most people doing with the 7-11 blaster cups. I took two cups, like most, and combined them into one, but with a twist!

Most people building these wrist blasters separated the two halves of each cup and joined together the two with lights. I left one blaster intact, and cut the second into smaller sections to do some kit bashing.


You can see that the blaster when "opened" in the movie has the lights on both the top and bottom, which is why most people take the two lighted halves and join them.


But I wasn't satisfied with that look, which is why I went for a different approach. Since I was leaving one cup together, I placed the half with the LEDs on the bottom, so that I could layer the LED sections from the second blaster on top to get the stacked effect. This required lengthening the wires for the top LEDs (which meant cutting, stripping, and resoldering). I also had to drill a couple of holes into the top of the main blaster for the wires to pass through and connect to each other on the inside.

I used magnets to connect the two halves together, and hot glue to attach everything. Here is what it looks like from the inside:


And the two halves:


You can see I also made the "handle" that extends out with the extra sections I had left over. To join them together, I took a scrap piece of aluminum bar and bent it at a 90 degree angle, then glued each piece to it.

And the blaster all together now:




To make it more comfortable to wear, most people were using foam pool "noodles" to line the inside, but since I waited until late October to work on this I couldn't find one! :lol

So I improvised, and used a foam koozie :D It was actually the perfect thickness, and probably a little more comfortable than the noodles.

I'll get some pictures up tomorrow of the costume all together!
I wanted to weather the shirt for sure, just ran out of time before the party Saturday night... Don't know how well the vinyl chaps would weather
If you plan to wear it again, add 2 more buttons to the vest. The screen-used vest has 5 buttons. They should be smaller than the ones you used as well.
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