Cowboys & Aliens - Jake Lonergan Gauntlet Weapon

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EDIT: Images have been updated to higher definition screencaps from 1080P trailer.


The weapon seen in the trailer from 2011's Cowboys & Aliens on the arm of Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) is just BEGGING for replication! Not only that, but we get a number of great closeups in the trailer! So, who is going to be the first to make this piece?

See the trailer here:

View attachment 38805

View attachment 38806

View attachment 38807

View attachment 38808

View attachment 38809

View attachment 38810

View attachment 38811

View attachment 38812

View attachment 38813

View attachment 38814

View attachment 38815

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I think the best version would be the simple wrist gauntlet. Then later someone could make the laserblaster version.


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That was quick!



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Can someone take H-res screen caps of the gauntlet and maybe we can get this show on the road :)

Good luck. We only made closed or open versions. way to much elongation and expanding to make the change a reality... Good thing it's alien tech.

If we say Pretty please with suger on top, would you be able to show some pictures of it :):thumbsup

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